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Death Toll Cheat Code For Ps3

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About This Game

The tension is thick. Your pursuers have caused you a lot of damage and if they find you now, they'll take everything you've worked for. You'll need to get one of the airplanes working to leave the island, but right now your priority is to find some food or you'll be too depleted to defend yourself. From your vantage point in a second floor window, you spot a deer cautiously emerging from a grove of trees near the bottom of a wooded hill. Deer can be hunted for food, so you raise your weapon and put your crosshairs over the animal's heart. You are about to pull the trigger when you see the deer start, then run off. You pan your scope to the side and see that the deer was startled by the group of heavily armed players that are now approaching your position. It's a posse, and although they don't know exactly where you are, they know you're in the area. The Death Toll will be high today…

Come join an open world first person survival shooter with a unique game mode that focuses on team play. Explore a beautiful open world as you search for the supplies and equipment you will need to escape from the island and win the game. Find weapons to hunt the ones closest to escape, or use your tactical skills to turn the tables on the ones pursuing you.

Can you win the arms race and leave the island with your life, or are you doomed to be left behind and die with the other captives?


Death Toll includes a wealth of modern firepower like assault weapons, RPGs and grenades, along with defensive measure like camo clothing and body armor. The only problem is finding them before your competitors do!

Combat Vehicles

Scattered around the island are an assortment of land, sea, and air vehicles. Many, like the tanks or the jets, have working weapon systems. Acquiring one of these vehicles will greatly boost your chances of success, but to use one you'll first have to repair it with the parts and materials you find scattered around the island.


You'll need to find food if you want to survive. Canned food is available if you can find it, but the best way to keep yourself fed is to hunt. The island is home to deer, rabbits, fox, and boar, all of which can be taken for food.


  • Online competitive multiplayer
  • Large open world
  • Diverse vehicles including combat vehicles with working weapons
  • Familiar combat mechanics
  • Unique gameplay mode
  • Full day-night cycle
  • Attentive developer, dedicated to the players enjoyment.
  • No pay-to-win

Title: Death Toll
Genre: Action, Indie
DigitalDNA Games LLC
DigitalDNA Games LLC
Release Date: 11 Apr, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 8, 7 , Vista, XP,10
  • Processor: 3.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 or better with 4GB memory
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Direct X Compatible


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Game has potential but now we have to see what they do with it. So far not too good. Game hasn't been updated since 2018 so almost a year as of 3/1/2019

5-30-2019 And the game has just come out as free. Game seems much better since I have last played it but sadly it is a very dead game.. This game is pretty awesome, BUT like everyone else has said it doesn't have many people who are playing it. I have logged in daily since purchasing it's hit or miss if someone is online, when people are online it's pretty fun. I don't think a Battle Royale would save this game but it would be pretty cool, I'd like to see it turned more into a zombie survival or what has not been done yet is a Battle Royale with zombies on the maps like hordes or roaming randomly, this would bring a new dynamic to Battle Royale and would be the first of it's kind. The game already has an eery feeling to it when your running around and the graphics and gameplay are already there. Vehicle controls are pretty good but camera views suck in 3rd person. I would reccomend this game if you had a group of friends to join you but wouldn't reccomend it to somone whos expecting to jump into a 1/4, 1/2 or Full server. I want this game to become busy because it really is good. (sigh) but typically when a game is dead it's dead.. It's not like PUBG since you will win every god dam time.
You will feel so much excitment from stealing all those cases while the other 1 player
in the server is desperatly trying to stop you by promtly leaving as soon a you join.

You will feel the excitment of a life time when you spawn and have to walk about 12 steps to
the nearest ♥♥♥♥ing car, moterbike, tank, plane or heilicopter. Once you found it you will spend
the entire game driving while nothing happens since for me the server are always empty.

The game itself works well it does what it says with the ocacional bug i can oversee
but the servers are already deserted which makes the game boring. This game could be fun
they need a mechanic to ensure that enough players are in a game or something.. Filled with glitches, playerbase is non-existant and the gameplay is a snoozefest. Avoid at all costs, most reviews are fake too :/. Ok I recommend this in the future. It's got some GREAT ideas but is not really playable (easily) in its current form.. The game is choppy, needs some optimization work, especially with the rifles recoil during pvp. However, if these issues are fixed and gets some player base (Currently servers have like 10 people max) its a no brainer.. About an hour and a half played. This game looks promising. Quite fun. Will keep it, return and see how it develops.. Great game just needs some more players, awesome graphics and game play. was running extremely high settings on a laptop and getting 60 plus fps. killed some people, got killed more people than i expected playing which is nice to see. all in all for 10 bucks if this game takes off its gonna be wild!!!

Update 22890:
Hi folks,

New update (hopefully) fixes a HUGE stability issue.

I think this is a big one. I think it will fix all the "doors won't open" and "can't pick up" kinds of errors, and also the "never finishes loading" types of errors.

Let's give it a whirl this weekend while the servers are open. I'm going to reboot the poor, old, DDNA Dedicated Test Server with the new update. My fingers are crossed.

Happy New Year everybody!

-Headshots. Update 22751:
We're trying new stability enhancements.

We will probably keep putting versions up in the next day or so to test or fix various stability problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.

. Update 23801:
Fixed a duplication bug
Some performance optimizations (more to come). One step forward, two steps back:
Hey guys.

We've had some trouble getting our host migration working, so for now we're switching to dedicated hosting in version 22744.

That means if you start a game, the game will only exist as long as you are in it. When you leave, everyone gets booted.

I apologize about this, it will probably make it harder to find a game. We hope it will help with stability. We intend this change to be temporary.

for those of you interested, here's what's happening:

Steam occasionally drops players from the lobby we've set up. This wouldn't be so bad, except that steam never tells the player that got dropped. They think they are still in the game. When Steam does this to the host (as seems to have happened multiple times today) it causes significant problems because one of the other players will try to be host, not knowing that everyone is still getting messages from the old host. We're working on this.

. Update 23695:
We have done a major rework to our networking systems which should yeild a much better experince for everyone. If you are a Beta test we would really appreciate your help testing this. Please join our discord where we organize large games.

Aside from this there was servel bug fixes and visual improvements.. Update 23241 - Team Mode and Weapon Attachments:
This has been our biggest update yet. We have introduced Team Mode which brings us closer to our final vision of the game. Now you and your friends can occupy different seats of vehicles, and work together to get off the island. Right now pressing 'T" during a game opens the team screen, all feedback welcome as usual.

In addition we have added weapon attachments. There is a large range of scopes, silencers, lights to customize your weapons.

Since we now have lights, the lighter, and the glow sticks and flares we have went back to the really dark nights.

In addtion we have prepped some vehicles for team play. the Hind now seats 8 with 3 gun positions. There is a patrol boat and a gun boat, so you can defend yourself out at sea, and we have a new Mig.

In addtion there has been several visual and stability improvements, and the addtion of host migration.

Please let us know what you think.. Update 23384:
We added a new Scout Helicopter the MH6
Added Voice Chat
Changed the Respawn time to 30 seconds
Fixed a bug that caused too many items to spawn at the end of a game.

Many other fixes and performance options.. Update 23755 - Release Build!:
This will hopefully be our last build before release. Thank you to everyone in the community that helped us find problems and gave us ideas for improvement, we could not have done it without you.

The major change in the build is the way the countermeaseures work. They should be much more effective now against guided missiles.

Besides this there was serval small fixes and optimizations.

Thank you everyone!
. Another update coming soon:
Hey guys, thanks for hanging in there. I know that our fix to make things more stable did not make things more stable.

It seems there was a bug in the code that handled people leaving the game. This certainly contributed to the issues we've been seeing since yesterday. I've fixed that, and am just waiting for a new build to finish and I will make it live.

That should be up at about 7pm PST 12/09.

I'll make an update announcement when it goes live.

Thanks for your patience, with your help we are making a lot of progress!

-Headshots. Launch:
Thank you for everyone in our community that helped us get this out. Your testing was very important and we couldn't have done it without you.

If you are new to Death Toll welcome! We look forward to hearing your feedback and helping us evolve the game.

Thank you everyone

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