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Collision Course Activation Key Download

Collision Course Activation Key Download

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About This Game

Please Note: In it's current state the game is a sandbox experience taking place on a portion of the larger map we will expand into. Currently there are a handful of optional placeholder missions so you're free to explore. It's pretty bare bones right now but there is still a lot of fun to be had exploring and interacting with the AI. We'll be adding additional objectives/missions and story line elements in the future. See the roadmap below for more planned features.

A comet is hurtling toward earth! Sneak, scavenge and blast your way through an immersive prehistoric world filled with Humans, Dinosaurs, Droids and Mother Nature’s fury!

After traveling back in time 70 million years and crash landing you'll need to try to return to your own time before disaster strikes. Fortunately, a lot of spaceship debris is littered about with weapons, gear and items to assist you along the way to ease the difficulties of the journey. As you progress you'll begin to unravel the circumstances that brought you there. However, you are up against your shipmates who will also be struggling to survive and make it home before the impending apocalypse arrives.

And of course, various dinosaur species will be roaming the landscape looking for their last meal, will it be you?

Key Features in Current Release:

  • Unscripted AI to AI Interactions
  • Environmental hazards like Earthquakes, small Comet Impacts, Lava Flows
  • Immersive Open World Prehistoric Landscape
  • Basic Survival Elements
  • Weather System
  • Dismemberment & Death Animations
  • Explorable Caves
  • Basic Crafting System w/Meat Cooking
  • 24 Hour Time of Day with Multiple Days
  • Dinosaurs in this first release include:
    • Utahraptor
    • TRex
    • Spinosaurus
    • Ceratosaurus
    • Stegosaurus
    • Xenoceratops
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Alligators
    • Compsognathus
    • Leaellynasaura
    • Baby Utahraptors

Development Roadmap:

This list is to provide a general idea of things we are working towards. Some items here may be removed, modified or added in the future:

  • More Dinosaurs as well as other prehistoric animals
  • Expanded Story Elements and Gameplay Objectives
  • More Items, Weapons and Gear
  • Increase the amount of ship debris and explorable interiors
  • AI recruitment and basic control over AI
  • Steamworks Integration with Stats
  • Improved AI, Animations, Sound
  • Improved and Expanded UI/Menu
  • Improved Crafting System
  • Expand Map Area and Flora variety
  • Improved Weather System
  • Improvements to Time of Day & Lighting
  • More environmental hazards(Tar Pits, Geysers, etc)
  • General Optimizations

Title: Collision Course
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 7 Jan, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64-bit only)
  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core E6600 or AMD Equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 570+ or AMD Radeon HD 6950+
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 64 Bit Windows Required


really good looking game bright future indeed. Devs said “We estimate the game will be in early access for 12-16 months.
2 years later we are at version 0.1. We got 1 or 2 updates in the entirety of 2018!

As is i dont know how people are recommending this game even with pre release there are WAY too many bugs for me to recommend at this time.
Pros-Graphics are stellar nearly real life
Cons-Tutorial SUCKS, you run around and yes you find a heal kit and heal items but event he damn help menu doesnt tell you how to use it and every key i hit nothing worked.
Dinos-Plenty of them
Supplies for crafting-few and far between, found tons of sticks but there was giant rocks and small rocks all around but you couldnt pick up any of them the only items you can use or pick up is in blue i found 2 roks in thirty minutes. But i could find a dino ready to eat me every 5 minutes
As is im not recommending but i reserve the right to change this review as time goes on.
This game has been pre-release without required fixes for way too long. It feels unfinished, unbalances and lost. Additionally game crashes lke REGULARLY with no reason, this has been going on since 2017 and they still havent fixed it on a prerelease game. I am /FACEPALMING ALL DAY
I have tried to give this several tries and im still on NO. Its totally random what you get to spawn, each time you start a new game there could be a TREX spawn behind you, insta death trust me i know. Or the items that are in the escape pod are totally random, 2 hours of running around and not ONE thermal thield. I have tried to recreate each time but every time its random. Sometimes i have another human come to my camp sometimes i dont. The objective locations do not always appear on the map so you are running around like an idiot, and finding flowers to cure things is like finding a needle in a haystack and you can only hold so many items.

As is 4/10. I think that SOME of the players recommending this game were either paid to do it and/or are a part of the devs or friends of the devs because most games like this have more than 198 revoews two years out on prerelease. Additionall some of the reviewsers no longer have the game in their list and the friends list tells me a lot.

That said this game has/had potential but the are seriously blowing it and not the volcano way either.. I will put this little overview of the game in three parts

1. what i think about it
2. what needs improvement
3. what i hope the devs would add in the future

-Crash Course so far seems to be inspired alot by "The Forest", you play a Space-Marine who has traveled through time with his ship and Survival instincts take over the Surviving crew
You start with a machete then get a gun with a few bullets and then you are told to find a small wreck of the ship etc.etc.

For what it is so far i would mainly say its a diamond in the rough with unbelivable high potential, the sci-fi/Prehistoric setting can bring alot of things to the table but handeled wrong can make this a waste of money - here is hopeing for a good future

-what needs improvement immidiatly in my opinion is the low spawn of Sticks and stones i spend the first 10 minutes playing just looking for a bunch of rocks

and the fight with the security drone at the shipwreck is a little too hard for it being so close to the start -Git Gud- is the only thing working so far

-Now to what i would like to see well ... there are two approaches:
.While the idea of the impending doom of the asteroid is a nice idea i would only keep it for story sake a survival game like this works the best without time limit, anyways
i would like the game to become a little more Fallout-ish (if that makes any sense) meaning that some Ship-wrecks be turned into little sanctuarys with tradeing and side quests and others become Bandit strongholds or maybe some guys went complete primal and began building a wooden fortress and defend it with spear and bow (little factions could also be build up when going in that direction)

.on the other hand the impending doom mechanic could be used in a way that we know on Day X is doomsday and it is our goal till then to escape - if this approach is used however i would like to be the game more like a Battle Royal kind of deal so that its less looking for Sticks and stones and more like looking for guns and ammo and the parts to flee while hunting down the other humans that might have parts already

I`m will keep the game and hope it will turn out great promising start so far. excellent so far raptors are smooth but some animation transitions jump other dinos wioll obviously improve as development goes on . console drop down for those {like me to just explore} hopes?. It's still rather early, but at the price it is a good deal. The game is beautiful and full of potential. Looking forward to future updates.. Very great game i cant wait till its fully released. The graphics at all high settings or even at low settings the game is beautiful.

v0.05 Release! (Updated):
***A patch for rain issues has been applied. Please update.***

Hey everyone, v0.05 is here!

This release includes:


First iteration of the Weather System(rain, puddling, lightning, thunder)

Known bugs: Right click zooming can be can blurry for some or result in a black screen. Rain will go through escape pods/crashsites. Because of these issues we provided a way for the rain to be disable.

Simply add:

weatherEffectsEnabled = 0

to Steam/steamapps/common/CollisionCourse/system.cfg

- Improved multiple days(Morning Rain, Overcast, Evening Rain, etc)
- Many bug fixes including(two potential crashes, a stuttering issue, footstep sound improvements, rending issue causing slight flickering and other performance tweaks)

The easiest way to check out the different days is to sleep. When sleeping it will now take you to a new day. To sleep you'll need to build a shelter with thermal shielding. The easiest place to find it is probably at the base of a dead tree hanging out over the pod near the lower crashsite but there are other places of course.

As always you'll need to start a new game. Let us know how you like the update or if you find any new issues. Also, thanks everyone for taking the poll. Your feedback is directly shaping future releases!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!(for those in U.S and Canada at least :) )

. v0.1 Released!:
v0.1 Release Notes

- Playable Map Size has doubled!
- New Dino Parasaur(Parasaurolophus)
- New grasslands/plains area.
- Prisoner Encampments with Dedicated Traders
- AI Herding System - first iteration, will expand use in future for other herbivores
- Snare Craftable - snares can be placed on tree limbs that stick out. Can currently catch humans, utahraptors, leaelly,, baby raptors, compys.
- Explosive Tripwire Craftable
- 8 new pod locations in new area and 2 new crash sites and a new cave with a cinematic sequence, other hidden secret areas.
- Active Volcanic Eruptions
- New MedPack item for 25% health boost. New Winch and Sensor items.
- Fast Travel - this is done from the map screen by selecting the home/shelter icon(during travel time passes based on distance and thirst, hunger, stamina won't be decremented) Can't fast travel if hostile AI nearby.
- New Player hit reactions
- New Stats and Achievements and UI Paging
- Large number of tweaks and fixes. Containers usable underwater, decrease chances of illness from biting. Fix for a lighting system crash. Ammo is now picked up in hand like other items. Various AI improvements. Selectable POIs, Objectives, and Shelter icons in map screen. New starting pod location and some minor mission changes. Inventory Menu Improvements - gradients & transparency, Player shadow fixes, New Terrain Textures, Herbivore eating anims/ai, decals, many new particle effects, etc.

- Since the game map will be changing so much soon the in game map will be updated in a later release once the map is closer to full completion.
- The new area is still a work in progress so things could change a bit in the future. If you happen to see some weird things like floating rocks or anything strange just snag a screenshot and share in steam and we'll get it fixed.
- No new missions were added, the first and second missions have just been moved to the new area to encourage exploration. It's also possible to complete the third mission(find comm device) in new area as well.

Parasaur Herd




Map Expansion


. v0.07 Preview:

Hey Everyone,

We wanted to show you some of the things you'll be seeing in v0.07. This update will include some new weaponry, backpacks and more!

Thanks!. v0.06 Preview Video:
Hey Everyone,

New video explaining some of the new content/features coming in v0.06. :) v0.11 Preview:
Hey Everyone,

It's a quetzalcoatlus, it's a meteor? Nope, just a teaser of one of the things we're working on for the next release. :)

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