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Clarent Saga: Tactics Cheat Code For Xbox 360

Clarent Saga: Tactics Cheat Code For Xbox 360

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About This Game

A straightforward Srpg Made With Srpg Studio.
The gameplay and scenario/script are inspired by classic 16 bits TRPGs.


The storyline follows the armies of Prince Abel of Meyr as they battle the Ranasseh Empire and the monsters they unwittingly awaken, framed as a battle between the forces of good and the cult of Brax that threatens to overrun the world.

The story begins with an assault on the Nation of Meyr by the forces of the Ranasseh Empire. King Adam sees the castle will not be able to stand and urges his son Prince Abel to flee to the town of Belsar, both for his own safety and to gather reinforcements from King Arthur. He assigns the mage Pascal to go with Abel and protect him on the journey.


- Adjustable difficulty (8 Difficulties) and a lot of options;
- Around 40 playable characters;
- Around 55 Small Maps and more with some variation (good replayability);
- A branching storyline with moral ambiguity and dark themes (choose your own path!);
- Great classical Music (3 hours soundtrack);
- Fast strategic battle.


David Nguyen: CST is the culmination of countless hours of painstaking work and the realization of David's childhood dream of making his own TRPG. A French citizen, programmer and statistician, David is a fan of old- and new-school TRPGs. 6d5b4406ea

Title: Clarent Saga: Tactics
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
David Nguyen
David Nguyen
Release Date: 25 Sep, 2017


clarent saga tactics. clarent saga tactics download

I have to say, I tried to enjoy this game. I really, really did. I love these kinds of games, I'm a long time veteran of Fire Emblem. But after making it to the first time I get to play as Abel, the mission appears to be broken. See, I'm currently playing this mission on easy mode (Say what you will, I've genuinely tried it on normal too), and no matter what I do the overwhelming enemy force catches up to Abel and Pascal an entire turn before they reach the secret door to unlock it and escape along the top of the map. I've replayed this mission for over an hour now and they simply do not reach it in time. The Champions on the right drop dead simply too quickly, and it's all over. They flood the back passage, and block the door before I even reach it.

This is a glaring flaw, and it's not the only one I've noticed, but by far it is the biggest. There is legitimately no way around it that I've found (short of lowering the difficulty even further, but.. If I have to do that to actually win the mission, I won't have many nice things to say about your game).

So far, the graphics are very reminiscent of Fire Emblem, and the gameplay itself seems fairly alright, but.. My god is your game wildly unbalanced. I'll be more than happy to provide screenshots if necessary, but I'm pretty sure you can determine the mission I'm talking about. I am sick of retrying this stage, praying that RNG takes pity on me and the champions along the right last at least one turn longer, but so far that's only happened once in the past hour, and I had to throw Pascal away to do it.

Fix your balancing issues, and I might actually enjoy your game. But for right now.. It's nothing more than frustrating. I'm going to keep trying though, maybe the next missions will be better balanced. If I can even reach them.

I cannot recommend your game to anybody in its current state.

Edit: I gave up on beating the mission. I opted not to even bother lowering the difficulty for it, because frankly I shouldn't have to consider that to beat a mission where my objective is to RUN AWAY. It legitimately isn't possible on EASY mode. Did you even playtest this thing? Was it on the easiest difficulty? Was it Easy- mode? Because this is simply ridiculous. It takes Abel and Pascal no less than 4 turns to get the door open. If I move them as a group, and don't sacrifice Pascal, then the gryph knights (who are much stronger than either of my characters) will move in and block the door by the end of turn 3. If I split the group, sending Pascal to the right to die and slow down the knights, Abel can reach the door and open it, but he does before he can step through it. Neither outcome works, and nothing else gets me even close to escaping.

I'm done, this game is being uninstalled until it sees some changes. It's a shame it's too late to get a refund for it. I will not recommend this game.. Meh Its ok I guess? I would rather emulate Fire emblem 7 or 8 But this works. 6\/10. \udb40\udc21. This game is similar to Fire Emblem,actually I have played Fire Emblem, oh Steam lets me bring back many pleasant memories which I forgot.
Although this game's map is not wide, but you can feel free in this game.. I'd recommend for any tactics game fans, especially if you like old-school Fire Emblem games since it feels a lot like that.

+Great tactics rpg gameplay, feels like old Fire Emblem
+Weapons and classes very reminiscent of Fire Emblem
+Several difficulty levels with options for permadeath or not
+Characters, lore, graphics all good for an SRPG Maker game
+Great value for the amount of content

-Like the Fire Emblem games, some characters are too underpowered
-No stage replays or way to reliably level up weak characters
-'Gold' amounts displayed on battle screen but no way to spend it, no store
-No weapon triangle \/ inherent weapon type strengths. This is a tactical rpg that is constantly getting updates that fix issues and improve the quality of the game over time. It is similar to what you would expect from an SRPG studio game in the early game, with two chapters being outright copies of the maps from the sample game SRPG Studio gives you to experiment with. Later on, however, the game grows in quality and becomes an enjoyable experience.

The only serious negative I have is towards the stats in the game. The game doesn't explain any of them and the only reason why I figured which ones influenced which is because I had a copy of SRPG Studio and played a ton of Fire Emblem.

Overall, I like this game. For such a low price, you get a decent tactical rpg with multiple routes.. I'd recommend for any tactics game fans, especially if you like old-school Fire Emblem games since it feels a lot like that.

+Great tactics rpg gameplay, feels like old Fire Emblem
+Weapons and classes very reminiscent of Fire Emblem
+Several difficulty levels with options for permadeath or not
+Characters, lore, graphics all good for an SRPG Maker game
+Great value for the amount of content

-Like the Fire Emblem games, some characters are too underpowered
-No stage replays or way to reliably level up weak characters
-'Gold' amounts displayed on battle screen but no way to spend it, no store
-No weapon triangle \/ inherent weapon type strengths

Some ideas and new branching paths:
Hi everyone,

I know that I always say that I want to retire but I recently played a lot of JRPGs with a generation system and I thought that it would be nice to implement a path involving children of the characters.

Here is my ideas:

It involves the Path C where the cult of Brax wins, and I think it may be a little too dark even for my taste. Dark Abel enslaves and rapes girls (Ami, Rachel, etc.). Cain will be Abel's son, gameplaywise you will choose his mother, his stats and skills will depend of his mother. Issal and Sybil (which are siblings) will also have children (Sin and Blossom). Sarah will be Drazini's granddaughter and a light magic user. Finally David and Abigail's daughter will be Awan and also Cain main's love interest.

Storywise, the children grew in the cult and developed a strong aversion for it. Especially Cain who have seen her mother defiled and violated at a young age. Drazini mastered the dark arts, found a time travel spell, but he strictly fordid its use. As you guess the children will use it to stop the cult of Brax and their parents even if it means that it will erase their existence.

To be honest, I am busy right now and I have a lot of games to play so I guess it will have a very low priority but the game already feels complete.

David N.. Some news:
Hi everyone,

I am still working on the game and there will be major changes to come.

The most important change is the restructuration of the chapters:
It will be :
Tutorial-> Path A (Alliance)
-> Path B (Battlefield)
-> Path A bis

Unlock Path C (Chaos): finish path A
Unlock Path D (Democracy) : finish Path B
Unlock path E (Enforcer) : finish Path A bis
Unlock path F (Future) : finish Path C

I finally understand the experience points formula and have adjusted it.
It is nearly the same except you gain less exp for defeating leader, or using wands. When your level > enemy's level, you gain really less exp. It encourages player to play more characters and discourages power levelling. Many gameplay adjustment (Lv 22, weapons rank, reworked growth rates for characters, etc.). Better IA, when a enemy unit of a group engage battle, the group will automatically engage as well.

David N.. Final version v1.00F and Kickstarter launch!:
Hi everyone,

I am very happy to say that the game is finally completed! Thank you for your patience! I will add the hardest difficulty later (that will be 9 difficulties!) and I will still update the game to check every little details but the game is fully playable and enjoyable!

I am also excited to announce a kickstarter project to hire mangaka Rena Saiya for the game, here is the kickstarter page (and all the details):

Thank you for all your support!
David Nguyen.
. v0.97c!:
Hi everyone!

A gamer has streamed my game on youtube here:

Watching him play I think my game may be a bit hard so
I have made somes change on the difficulties:
Normal+/Hard+: No change
Normal: you get the reanimate staff in scenario 14 which can revive one fallen ally.
Very Easy/Easy/Normal/Hard: Easier scenario 15 as the AI has been changed (south force will only move once Brenda is defeated). Easier scenario 17 as the assassins and rangers squads have swaped their position and AI, assassins will only attack enemies in their range and it is also a lot easier to keep John alive if you want.

Little edit: the extra menu has now contents (music, gallery, characters and glossary).

I hope you enjoy the game! When I have enough sales I will make Steam Trading Cards too! Also Note that the cheapest price of the game will be 0.49$!

Thank you for your support!
David N.

. Progress on a future update:
Hi everyone,

the progress on a future update will be really slow, there will be many gameplay adjustments to balance the game even further. In the current state, this game feels like an "honest" game but could be even better with more works put to it. And yes I will work on it until I am fully satisfied! Please don't wait for the final version because I don't know when it will be released and the game won't have major changes so the core of the game will remain the same.

Thank you for your support and patience!
David N.. v0.99F released!:
Hi everyone,

the alternate path (chapter 41 to 57 + Bonus) has been playtested on normal and hard+, and has been balanced. You may find the balancing weird on some of these chapters, but at this point it is a matter of taste, of course constructive feedback is always appreciated! Hence the v0.99F release.

I need to recheck the script and little details on these chapters for the v1.00F.
I will add an inferno mode for v1.01F. Since the gameplay is done, I need to rewrite the steam guide. It will be a nice change of pace.

I am also excited to say that a Kickstarter will be launched soon to hire professional artist and mangaka Rena Saiya. If it succeeds, she will redraw all the faces and a lot of CGs for the game. My previous game The Peloran Wars will also be removed from Steam due to the overall low quality. Still I don't regret making it since I learned a lot from this.

David Nguyen.

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