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Chicken Daddy Download For Pc [cheat]

Chicken Daddy Download For Pc [cheat]

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About This Game

You are a lonely man who lives in a chicken onsie. For as long as you can remember, you were shunned and shamed by everyone around you. No one would even look at you unless it was to laugh at the embarrassment that you were to humanity. For the longest time, you wondered what the purpose of life was. "What kinda boi am i" you ask yourself every night. However one day everything changed... you see feathery little white balls with beaks that not only acknowledge you, but follow you everywhere you go. You love your new family and feel content with life, so much to the point it all seems to be too easy. Well guess what... it was too easy, because now giant worms of destruction have emerged from the ground and want to murder your new family. With nothing else to lose, you defend your family of chicks with your life. You are the chicken daddy.

- In every level, the area behind the chicken daddy is considered the safe zone. The safe zone is where your family of chicks belong.

- Chicks and worms will be making their way either toward the safe zone (moving up) or away from the safe zone (moving down).

- When going toward the safe zone, you must peck the worms and avoid the chicks!

- When leaving the safe zone, you avoid the worms and block the chicks so they turn back around.

- The harder you set the difficulty, the more points you get for playing correctly (this also means you get less chances to mess up).

Good luck! d859598525

Title: Chicken Daddy
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Sampsonay, Rinkibu
Release Date: 12 Mar, 2018


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