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Card Games Mega Collection Ativador Download

Card Games Mega Collection Ativador Download

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Card Games Mega Collection features 150+ card game variations. Includes casino and family style games, plus 5 bonus games for kids. Enjoy the following games:

Title: Card Games Mega Collection
Genre: Casual
Gunnar Games
Gunnar Games
Release Date: 13 Jun, 2018


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While I love the amazing variety of games available, including tons of games I've never heard of, there are just too many flaws here to keep me from recommending it. If you're not playing with a touchscreen, mouse controls in solitaire games are clunky and require too much effort, and many games are impossible to win. Several of the table & casino games are good, though, and the AI is not too bad. Overall I'll keep playing it for the casino card games, but outside of that I can't recommend it without fixing chances of winning some games and controls. Only consider if it's on sale.. the music is great but i have expected to get the ameplay smoother and the design lack i like te big card deck. Finally all the cards games I love in one collection. Card Games Mega Collection has it all, Solitaire, Blackjack, Poker, Cribbage, Crazy Eights, Rummy,and more. The graphics are good,music is relaxing, and the games are well balanced and entertaining. Only complaint is there is no multiplayer for the casino games. Still, even without multiplayer it is a good collection.. You cannot resize a windowed screen so that you can watch shows in another window; very important at my house. This windowed screen takes a lot of real estate. I did not experience any full screen issues except it does shut down when you change modes. I did not experience the unwinnable games issues either. I've only looked at two games. In Klondike solitaire, you cannot move a partial build of cards from one stack to another to play a trapped card. Thereu2019s no law against that. But, here, itu2019s not allowed. Nor can you recall a card from the final stacks into the playing field. Sometimes that move can win a game. There are also NO UNDOs. This game does not know when youu2019re out of moves. You have to know that for yourself and quit. u201cAre you sure you want to quit?u201d This game also does not know when youu2019ve obviously won the game. No auto-complete. You have to click each and every card to their destination. And when youu2019ve won, you get no fanfare; no piccolo playing jesters; no jackhammer marching bands. You get the bland, intentionally polite voice of your valet from the Grand Budapest Hotel saying; u201cCongratulations. You have won.u201d If heu2019s not being facetious (not so sure about that) weu2019ll grant he is polite. Speaking of Budapest, I DO like the music. Not sure I would buy it for the music. Almost though. In Canasta, you have to pick up and discard as quickly as your robot friends or else you will get reminded every time. u201cYou have to pick up a card please.u201d Or u201cYou have to discard please.u201d Again, you will have to decide if you detect any condescending tone. Just know that, if you turn down the voice track, youu2019ll miss out on any bland verbal u201ccongratulationsu201d at the end of the game. Do we have a good solitaire collection here on Steam? One without trolls or fairy princesses or anime cartoons? One that would compete with Microsoft? I would like to entice my mother to join Steam. As far as I know, this one shows the most promise. Definitely needs some touch up. To be clear, there really isnu2019t any hotel or valet. Just the voice. Curiously, I realize a slightly cynical valet, bored out of his mind, may bring a welcome change to the usual fanfare because, truthfully, he cannot feel any real pride in my accomplishments after all.. This is a fun little game that with a few tweaks can win over the hearts of many. It has its issues that can be easily fixed and I hope the developers can fix them. So far it's a fun game and I will be playing it more and more.. Such marvellously put together games! There is a tutor option if you need, showing you how to play any game as you play it, a really great help :) All of the other games by this developer are brilliant. Casino games and puzzle & board games.. Great little all in one set of card games. Huge selection of solitaire games, good collection of other card games, both casino style and stuff like rummy and hearts. Includes the ability for multiple profiles and apparently keeps up with each profile's stats. It has a tutorial mode that will highlight cards you should play and explains what you should do, also has a "hint" button -- all of this is very helpful for learning solitarire games you haven't learned to play yet. Right-clicking will aslo give explanations and hints on how to play the various games. It seemed to maybe be badly optimized when I had it in full screen, but in windowed mode, there's no problem. Swithcing between modes is just a matter of ticking a box in settings, though when I did switch from full screen to windowed, it crashed. When I restarted it, it started up in the windowed mode I had chosen though, so no big deal, really. The game also includes a large selection of card backs, several selections for card faces--basically just a lot of options and bells and whistles that I really didn't expect from such a reasonably priced game. Highly recommended for anyone who likes card games and/or is looking for a game you can jump into for a few minutes at a time. A hidden gem.. I bought this game mainly to play Solitaire so the review applies mainly to this. There are a very good variety of solitaire games to choose from. The background and card options have an okay selection but there could be more choices. The solitaire games are sorted by different categories such as Most Popular, Single Deck, Multiple Deck, Easiest to Win, etc. Other than the "easiest to win" games do not expect a lot of wins. The games are very challenging. For example I played Klondike 3 card flip 34 times and only won once. I played Pyramid 52 times and only one once. While this can be frustrating is it probably realistic as far as odds. One thing for sure, when you do win a game it is great. You feel like you accomplished something. That being said, it would be nice to have an option like in the old Hoyle games I used to play that offers to "deal a winnable hand". Realism, while great, can lead to frustration and eventually saying "forget it" to the product. The gamer should ALWAYS be given the option to decide difficulty level in my opinion. I stuck in there and finally won my games, but I'm not sure I want to keep playing 30-50 games in between wins. I'm probably going to eventually delete this game from my collection because of that. Oh.also, in some games if you fidget with a card with your mouse (say as in picking it up to see the card underneath, or contemplating a move, etc.) it can sometimes make a move you did not intend to make. In other words the controls can sometimes be too sensitive and cause mistakes in your game because of it.

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