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Captain Battle: Legacy War Full Movie Hd 1080p

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Original Title: Captain Battle: Legacy War

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi,War


















































SAM BATTLE is injured during his tour of duty in the Gulf War. He loses an eye and is near death. His good friend, BRANDON STORM, who is a scientist, injects him with a secret serum that he has been developing that will save his life. The side effects are unknown. Sam returns home. His father has recently passed away. It is a struggle to come home after being in the war. Sam soon learns that the town is being overrun with Neo-Nazis. He teams up with Brandon's sister, Jane, who is a news reporter. Soon, Sam learns of the side effects to Brandon's serum. He has gained super human strength and agility. Brandon is kidnapped by the Neo Nazi's leader, THE NECROMANCER, a blonde Aryan sorceress. He is forced to help raise the cloned body of HEINRICH HIMMLER from the dead. Now, Sam must don the persona of CAPTAIN BATTLE, a crime fighting hero alter-ego that started with Sam's Grandfather, Jonathan Battle in World War II. Sam find's his father's crime fighting suit. Together with Jane they must face the army of Neo Nazis henchmen, and what's worse, the army of living dead soldiers from the Third Reich! They must stop The Necromancer before she succeeds at her ultimate goal of raising the cloned corpse of Adolph Hitler!
SFX: -4 Soundtrack: 0 Actors: 2 Camera: 0 (the first scenes already show 50% grass-close-ups) Men's Outfits: 3 Women's Outfits: 6 (tits yay, but srsly porno Nazi queen?) Plot: 3 (They revive Himmler and he has a red face!?! And then they want to revive Hitler) requisites: -2 (plastic guns, Nazis drive Honda Element) ending: N/A (the movie just stops instead of a showdown)

Overall I would say it was a waste of time to watch this piece of crap--- I wouldn't even call it movie because it misses significant characteristics of movies (for example an ending). The best part is the scene in the strip club, which isn't good but still worse than other movies. And why the hell does he have an eye patch? He doesn't even have any superpowers...? Even the normal Nazis beat the crap out of him... yes, those with swastikas-"tattoos" painted on their skin with Edding. Captain Battle: Legacy War is one of those movies where you shouldn't expect all that much from in the first place, but watching this gave me the impression that other than using every cliché in the book with some blatant ripping off that everyone involved in this movie weren't even trying.

The best thing about the movie is the scene in the strip club which was amusing in a mild sense, it still didn't stop the scene from feeling irrelevant to what there is of the story. Which unfortunately is not very much at all complete with sluggish pacing, a lot of unimaginatively staged and poorly filmed action, very little happening with lots of irrelevant padding and a very "that's it?" ending. Captain Battle: Legacy War looks bad, with drab photography, very limited sets(back-lots and alleyways, even in scenes that needed something more than that), ridiculous-looking make-up(especially the red stuff put on the main villain's face), very rudimentary-level special effects and even the cheapest looking fancy-dress costumes look better than the costumes in this movie.

Unfortunately that's not even it for the flaws. There's also an awful script, students talking about embarrassing situations in school/university corridors are much less painful than listening to this horrendously cheesy and improvisatory-sounding dialogue. The movie's also ineptly directed and of the characters the heroes are bland clichés and the villains(especially the Nazi General) are even more clichéd and like very vulgarly broad foreign stereotypes that border on causing offence. As for the acting that is just as terrible, with a lead performance so wooden that wooden planks seemingly have more personality, Marlene Mc'Cohen and Jenny Allford's attractive looks are not enough to compensate for their very bland acting and the Nazi General is so overacted it's like he belongs in a completely different movie.

All in all, I have seen worse but even that is not enough to stop Captain Battle: Legacy War from being so shamelessly incompetent. 1/10 Bethany Cox


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