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BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse Download]

BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse Download]

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About This Game

Dust off your VHS player and get ready to go back to the 90's with an old-school, 2D, Action-Adventure game.
You play as Buck, a motorcycle garage mechanic who decides to leave everything behind to find the truth behind a girl's disappearance; all while struggling to adjust himself to the harsh, post-apocalyptic future of 1997.

Inspired by Biker Mice From Mars, Batman: The Animated Series, Samurai Jack and more - BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse aims to bring the difficult gameplay mechanics of late 90's 2D side-scrollers and combine them with the visual style and themes of our favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Trained by his stepdad to fight, shoot and fix nearly anything, Buck can surprise the biggest of brutes by his speed and strength.

  • Traverse the sands of Venganza: a carefully built 2D world with hidden passages, dark secrets and remorseless characters.

  • Destroy enemies with Buck's own hand crafted, upgradeable weapons.

  • Unlock new weapons and combos as you progress.

  • Explore unique levels with branching paths and hidden areas.

  • Earn Scraps and loot unique items to upgrade your arsenal, craft ammunition and improve healing items.

  • Negotiate with the salty denizens of Westown, wayward merchants and mysterious mercenaries, each with their own goal and agenda.

*BUCK is an Early Access title and shouldn't be considered a finished product. The game may or may not change significantly over the course of development. To learn more about Steam Early Access, please visit 7ad7b8b382

Title: BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Wave Interactive
Wave Interactive
Release Date: 17 Mar, 2017


buck saturday morning cartoon apocalypse. buck saturday morning cartoon apocalypse

One of the best indie games I've everyplayed.

And I have played a lot of indie games. Seeing as this is an early access title, I will just post some issues that I had and believe should be noted:

1) Difficulty level is high mainly because of damage from earlier waves if enemies stacking up, you are often left trying to fight a new wave of enemies with just a slither of health left that you have no way to heal before the new wave. This causes the correct form of play for players to be quite odd... losing on purpose the moment they take damage to prevent losing in the next wave.
2) Healing over time doesn't work with screen transitions, the health you didn't wait for is lost forever. This will make players wait without doing anything before moving from each screen.
3) There are some minor animation glitches when moving from one idle animation to the other, not sure if there is much to do about that, but it isn't a big deal.
4) It is hard to understand how to drop items, inventory get's cluttered with crafting ingredients that might not be useful.
5) When dropping items next to an item pickup, which seems like it will be a common practice, you have no way to not pick it back up before engaging in the next pickup.
6) When inventory is full and you are trying to pick up an item, i would suggest the default option to be closing the menu or opening the full inventory to give an option to throw things.
7) Junkyard level- insanely hard, no checkpoint for like 5 waves of enemies. I had full health and when i finally got through i was out of ammo...
8) You can skip fights by running to a checkpoint. got to the elevator in gutless while being chased by enemies, was killed on the elevator and when i respawned i was surprised to start there. Maybe checkpoint shouldn't count when there are still enemies around.
9) I was told to go to the greenhouse, I did but there was nothing to do there, so i stopped playing, is this the end of the content for now or was there a bug there? (or maybe i'm dumb)
10) This might be only relevant for the parts that I played, but combat seems pretty repetitive. You mainly need to position yourself correctly and keep using melee attacks to prevent them from attacking. That isn't bad, but since lots of waves of enemies are pretty similar, this tends to get dull.

Even though I did have a bunch of issues, I did enjoy my experience. The game really shows heart, and the changes that I feel need to happen are not big changes.
I wish you the best of luck with this game and I am waiting for future updates to see where this goes.. An excellent game is very invested. i rally like this game but there is a big minus you can die really easy you almost have no health or the enemy is too strong or you always get empety of healing stuff besides all of that i rally like this game.. An interesting game. It reminds me of games an newgrounds developer used to produce before poofing into thin air.

The style and presentation are pretty good and so is the ambiance in sound. Pick it up and give it a go. It is enjoyable to see something nicely put together with original concept designs for a video game as many go the quick asset flip route.

As this is an early access review my thoughts may very.

[To the devs. Maybe touch up the audio with the dialogs a tiny bit more like give it that extra kick♥♥♥♥♥oomph.]. I discovered this gem when it first launched it's early access on Steam, and I was instantly convinced that I would buy it - some time. So I wishlisted it, being a sceptic towards early access and all. But ever since I did, I've revisited the gamepage frequently, rewatching the trailer dozen times every week, reading reviews, searching for more footage from the game. 2 days ago I couldn't resist it anymore and I just HAD to buy it. And boy am I happy I did!

If you're like me, and enjoyed the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and badassery of Lucas Arts' "Full Throttle" and Double Fine's "Brutal Legend", and don't mind this game being neither 3rd person 3D or "point and click", then this might be something for you.

You traverse in a "semi-openworld" game, and by "semi" I mean that there's a map with locations that you can choose and instantly travel to with your motorcycle, meaning that you don't partake in the actual travelling. To be an actual "openworld"-game IMO would be if the game had several different routes interconnecting the world that you would either have to travel manually or at least be given the choice alongside a fast-travel option. Personally, I don't mind really. In fact, for this game in particular, I prefer it this way. And maybe you do to. ;)

When travelling to different locations you'll encounter alot of interesting characters, some of them just there for the sake of giving the game more depth, many NPC's for subquests, and others further developing the main story of the game. So nothing out of the ordinary there compared to other games, but you're actually given dialogue-choices, so depending on your answers, the outcome is changable, and I think it's AWESOME!

Many interesting locations to discover! Keep in mind that it's early - VERY EARLY - access, so there aren't too many locations yet, I've been to all the current locations in just over 2 hours of playtime, but those locations that are currently available are some next-level eyecandy! There's some platforming, enough to keep the leveldesign interesting, but not too much. It is mainly a 2D brawler with grinding-features and an actual story. Now, what I mean by grinding is that you travel back to areas you've been to, just for the looting from foes and staged away throughout the areas, so that you may craft new items from all the scavenging and looting. If you don't care much for crafting, then stay clear of this game. But if you don't mind that extra feature, then go for it! :)

To sweeten the deal, there are voice-actors for every NPC's I've encountered thus far. Most of them are decent, while some of them are just terrific! As a matter of fact: the voice of the narrator (and also the protagonist's stepfather) is one of the many reasons why I ended up buying the game. To sum it up: although early, and even though combat might feel a bit clunky and lacking finesse, some of it might feel unpolished and quirky, but still I am happy I bought this game. It's truly unlike anything I have in my library, even though it can be compared to other titles in terms of core mechanics and gameplay. I have high hopes and expectations for this game, only by experiencing it in it's current state, and you should too. ;). i really Liked this game. Played through the first act and immediately got sucked to the story!
It reminded me of old school 2d platformer games with a nice apocaliptic atmosphere!
the art is really nice, so is the storyline and the character voices.

i really recommend this game!. Love the game from the start. In my head I cant stop comparing it to Shank with a touch of story telling like in the Sin City movie. Good story and keeps me wanting to keep on playing. It has some bugs and lacking little bit in the combat area, unless you use a controller. It is little annoying with full inventory all the time. Love the artistic cartoon style graphics. All in all a thumbs up. I hope this game succeeds it is realy is a gem. :)

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