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Border Vigilantes Malayalam Full Movie Free Download

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Original Title: Border Vigilantes

Genge: Action,Adventure,Western







































A town bedeviled with outlaws sends for Hoppy, Lucky and California after their own vigilante committee fails to solve the towns problems. Hoppy discovers that the bad guys are led by the town boss, and so are the vigilantes.
With the local vigilantes unable to combat the lawlessness, Forbes sends for Hoppy. Dry gulched on the way, Hoppy realizes the bad guys were tipped off and he, Lucky, and California arrive posing as bad men. Hoppy suspects Logan and sets up a silver shipment to trap him. When the silver disappears, Hoppy looks like a double crosser and is trouble. Not only has his identity been revealed sending gummen after him, but Lucky is about to be hung as an accomplice.
Enjoyable Hoppy movie, not the best, but OK enough.

Some nitpicking comments: I found it excruciating to see that woman pursuing California Carlson. Gabby Hayes is usually great. The other old sidekicks become wearing much of the time.

I didn't count, but Hoppy must have shot dead over a dozen bad guys. Kind of bloody. The attempt to hang Lucky was also on the violent side. In one poorly staged scene, three bad guys have their guns pointed at Hoppy, but he draws and shoots them all!

**Spoilers.*** Most important, I found the story line about switching the silver and the routes very confusing and improbable. It was never explained, to my satisfaction anyway. When they loaded the wagon, Lucky says "That's enough of the real silver." No explanation given, no mention of fake silver. Then when it looks like the bad guys made off with the silver after a switch, it turns out Carlson by stupid bungling, only loaded fake silver! Then towards the end, Hoppy somehow manages to deliver notes to the bad guys (to make it look like betrayal) signed —would you believe it?— "one of the boys". I'm in agreement that Border Vigilantes could have used a more coherent script. That being said Victory Jory has played some great screen villains. He did several Hoppy films and he was never more deadly than he is in this one.

Jory has quite a racket going. He's both head of the vigilante committee to stop the outbreak of outlawry in his area and the head of the outlaws themselves who are preying on the miners in this mining area. Enough of them give up and get out and Jory is controlling all the silver being mined in the area.

Morris Ankrum who also played a few villains in the Cassidy series is the friend who sends for Hoppy to help. Bill Boyd, Russell Hayden, and Andy Clyde come and Hoppy is nearly ambushed and killed on the way. Since Ankrum told only Jory, the guys know who to zero in on.

But even with that knowledge, Jory proves one clever and unscrupulous adversary. He's really something to watch here.

Frances Gifford plays Ankrum's daughter and the reason Russell Hayden is so interested in helping. Romance is in the air for Andy Clyde as Ankrum's visiting sister thinks he reminds her of a long lost love. That's what California wants to do, get lost.

Even with a script that's inferior and confusing Jory makes his character really work and makes Border Vigilantes worth watching.

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