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Boiling Steel Free Download Key Serial Number

Boiling Steel Free Download Key Serial Number

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About This Game

You are part of a special defensive program of controlling the development of combat artificial intelligence. To eliminate emergencies, the front of nuclear installations were created around the planet. Specially trained personnel were put to hibernation sleep so that at a crucial moment, the protection mechanism could be activated.

Boiling Steel - it’s a story oriented dynamic hardcore VR shooter with procedural generation locations and craftings in the futuristic world of mankind extinction.

You “waked up” alone and all humans disappeared. No one got in touch with you and there is no possibility to get out of the shelter. Life support systems are damaged, the final countdown begins. You have not much time to fix the situation. Find resources as soon as possible and restore your base.

Various biomes of the planet: black sands of the desert, scientific stations frozen in the ice, deep underground mines and cities in the clouds. Visit all locations in search for your answers.

Central terminal will help you connect to the available robots that remained on the planet. Scan zones in search of suitable machines. Take them under your control for resource extraction and defensive systems bypass. Every action you take is worth the energy, don't make mistakes.

Defeat your enemies. Use wisely the specifics of each robot under your control, improve its systems. Each of them is unique and differs in equipment and skills. Turn its cons into your pluses.

Make decisions
From your actions will depend on the outcome. Avenge, die or re-create. All in your hands. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Boiling Steel
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: Q4 2019


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Update v1.682 - Tiếng Việt, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어, Français, Pусский support, and more!:
Hi everyone! :steamhappy:

I'm happy to announce the next Official version of Battle Splash is now available!

This update is more about Languages supports, Graphics enhancement, and Optimization.

Language Supports. Patch v1.686 - Français Language fixes, Network update phrase 1, and some minor updates:

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to announce the latest patch for Battle Splash 2.0. The majority of this patch is French language fixes and Network improvements. Check out the full release notes below:

Steam Content BuildID: 2993143
  • Animation: The girls can now express their facial emotion like the previous version of the game.
  • Gameplay: Fixed some logic bug for some game modes.
  • Language: Re-translate the entire French translation.
  • Networking: (Phrase 1) allowed multiple master server, thus should make it easier for gameplay for different region.
  • Networking: (Phrase 1) stops using packet throttling to save up bandwidth. Since the core gameplay of Battle Splash can handle medium-high latency, packet-loss handling and out-of-the-box/flexible networking are now major concern over latency.
  • Performance: Minor fixes on performance.
  • Performance: Reduced RAM usage for the game over long game time.
  • Physics: Characters are now got pushed away correctly upon collision with Splashes and Water Balloons/Bullets.

Happy Splashing! :steamhappy:. Battle Splash Early Access goes Live!:
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long wait. Due to my health problems, the game couldn't be released on Dec 6th as planned. Instead, the game is released today!

Aside from addressing many problems in the beta, the game introduces an entire new mechanic called "Weapon module": user can change the behaviour of the gun in realtime.

The game also introduces a new set of weapons along with the Weapon Module, which heavily focus on Splash Damage rather than anything else. This is a "high risk high return" option for everyone who want even more challenge.

Battle Splash Dedicated servers are also up and running for testing this time with the hope of improving gameplay for everyone online. It's still a development feature, thus requires more testing before it's ready to be published as community servers. Feel free to test it, bug report it, and tell me what you think about it.

From this Early Access, any 32bit OS support will be discontinued. I'm so sorry for this change, yet since the game is extending, the 32bit version will cause many trouble for maintaining the game. Thus, please check the Minimum System Requirement for the Early Access version.

The macOS version is currently not supported at the moment.

Thank you very much for the support! Happy Splashing Everyone! :steamhappy:

Battle Splash's creator:
Hung Mai

. Update v1.680 is here!:
Hi everyone! :steamhappy:

I'm happy to announce that the latest update for Battle Splash is here, which even more performance update and improvements.

Eye Adaptation. Boiling Steel in Discord:

We want to thank everyone who actively participated in the discussion of the project.
You have become part of our team.
If you also want to get the key to our new project Boiling Steel and participate in the discussion, follow the link Try Alpha!:

Important news for all who waited for us!

The BOILING STEEL page is already in the Steam!

In honor of this, we want to give you a try alpha (exclusive access), for this you need to join us in the discord by the link

Very soon you will plunge into the futuristic universe at the sunset of humanity ...

Do not miss the release of our game, add Boiling Steel to your wishlist. Happy Lunar New Year - Get Battle Splash for 20% off!:
Happy Lunar New Year everyone! :steamhappy:

For us Vietnamese, 2018 is truly starting from now, since we still use the Lunar Calendar. Thus, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year filled with happiness and joy!

To celebrate this event, you can grab Battle Splash for a 20% discount for a limited time (Lunar New Year Sale)!

I wish to thank everyone that supports the game up till now:

You all are truly Awesome!


Battle Splash's creator
Hung Mai

. Lunar Update v1.679 - Environment Effect:
Hello everyone! :steamhappy:

This is the first (and minor) update since the Lunar New Year, which focuses on Optimization and Environment effect.

Grass and ground are now reacting to weapon's projectile: the explosion from the splash or the kinematic energy from the water balloon will make the around dust and grass fly everywhere. Even the tree leaves will fall if you make a splash explosion right at the upper branches. Check out these screenshots:

Dust surrounding the exploded water balloon.

Flying grass.

The splash's explosion power will determine how far the grass can fly.

Dust and Smoke everywhere!

Additionally, all "balloons" projectiles and splashes can now properly "knock back" other player upon contact/explosion. For example: a sniper rifle direct hit will now knock back the target.

These effects are the first phrase of making a more solid gunplay for Battle Splash, so that you can "feel" the power of your weapons.

Aside from that are some performance optimization, both with RAM and CPU usage, for a smoother gameplay.

Happy Splashing! :steamhappy:

Battle Splash's Creator,
Hung Mai

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