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Block Survival: Legend Of The Lost Islands FULL

Block Survival: Legend Of The Lost Islands FULL

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About This Game

Don't hide; survive!

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Title: Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Battle Blockyverse Studios
Battle Blockyverse Studios
Release Date: 14 Jul


  • OS: Windows 7 32-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 (2 GHz)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • G


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I had quite the fun with this game. It has a lot of levels, and a lot of enemy variation I did liked the weapon crafting system, it was clean, simple, and very useful throughout the game It even has that extra-bonus of surviving during the night, with another round of enemies.. Worth every penny if on sale, but still very interesting game, Likes and dislikes, Likes it has compelling story of plane crashing on island pretty much everyone has this story in their game already, but your survival nature takes you for ride, Do you conserve your strength or chop everything in area, do you kill locals or do run from them. Tutorial does put you through map after map could give you mini map would be nice thing to have when traversing. Or change of view would be nice. Dislikes: daylight time is more 10 minute window same for night time, but then again it does help when you forget to equip weapons? Is there a crafting enclopedia or material diary that tells what material works well with this? You assume materials will just bond I don't assume this. No, there is no creative & survival mode which means for us gamers that we have unlocked recipes and have at will to do its complete story line first. When you die first time you end up loosing more hearts and end up three hearts. Game overall: you can say when level up your character gets braver I guess? or reckless depending how you got there from newbie to pro? I was thinking getting this game so my family would play it when I am absent from computer. Q: is there jet pack recipe? help with jumping about.. THIS IS NOT A MINECRAFT! The music on this game really nice, looping through the level fine when engaging battles against enemies AIs. The gameplay needs improvement on the controls sometimes the input is either delay or not readable at all from the controller. - My biggest concern the actual camera, I got heavy dizziness while playing this game, perhaps the FOV is a bit weird and the shaders applied with distrortion of RGB dissplacement doesn't help much either. - UI also needs some improvement sometimes is hard to read what sort of questline should I be taking, and seen so many pop ups at the screen becomes hard at times. Game Feel was ok some interesting and funny moments can be found in this game. - Storyline is ok perhaps can be more engaging. - Visuals defenitly great stuff a lot of good palettes and contrast with the worlds. - AI it feels repetitive at times but challenging enough to have a blast while playing the game. If you are looking for a good, yet indie out of the box sandbox game but with a surprising gameplay experience, perhaps this is your game, it lacks in some aspects of the game but the overall experience is very enjoyable.. This is sort of like what I expected when I bought Minecraft. Great block characters. I have only played to test the graphics settings, and spent a while exploreing. They really need to "expand" on their music score but besides that, I think it is a greeat little adventure so far.. Very addictive!!, I like the atmosphere.. Currently about to do a full playthrough of Block Survival: Legend of the lost Islands full straight playthrough, if you are wanting to know anything about this game to help you decide about it, myself and a friend are going to run a full playthrough live on twitch, afrterward my review will follow! Based on the video above i seen im fully ready to play through this game!:) I'm sure i've already given this a review but oh well, i'll keep it short. This is a fun little game but don't except something that can be played over and over, not too much at least. It's fun but it lacks few things such as: More content. Higher difficulty (game is way too easy except for maybe one annoying trap that you'll get used to after a while) Open world / random generated maps. It feels like Turok and Terraria had a baby but it took more of Turok than Terraria, which is not bad, Turok is a very great series but it could have used some mechanics from Terraria. 6.8/10 - It's good, if you're looking for a small "kind of like" Turok shooter with basic crafting system.

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