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About This Game

Blazing Core is a team centric tactical shooter in which players become the knights of the future and armor up in real mechs, inspired by ancient legends. Each mech embodies the spirit and nature of a hero, while an advanced customization system allows to fine tune the machine’s specifications and unique abilities.

Well coordinated and thought out teamwork is crucial when it comes to besting your opponents - the majority of mech abilities fit together like a dream which lets the teams truly realize their battle potential and tactical capabilities.


Each machine boasts a wide variety of weapons and equipment that let you tweak your mech’s abilities and stats. This way you can change your role on the battlefield and diversify the gameplay.

By combining various mech abilities the teams can significantly enhance their performance on the battlefield. Identifying the players’ strengths and weaknesses will let you come up with the most effective strategies.

Understanding the principles behind the mechs and their abilities is more important than fast reflexes. Knowing your machine and its abilities will help you find your way around the battlefield and be ready for anything.

Each mech echoes various historicals eras from all around the globe and the future knight armor reflects that. b4d347fde0

Title: Blazing Core
Genre: Action, Massively Multiplayer, Early Access
OctoBox Interactive
OctoBox Interactive
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2018


  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • Processor: AMD FX-6350
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 2 Gb
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


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Hard to recommend a game that doesn't even start properly. All of the few minutes I have in this game was spent staring at a "logging in" screen.. I would recommend this game as it has potential and is somewhat enjoyable but the DEVs abuse the Early Access title by forcing players to play only one game mode ( new game mode) for a whole weekend without balancing it with an increase in rewards or mod drops. if the game was free to play this would be acceptable, in my opinion, but as there is a pay wall I wouldn't recommend paying for it (or playing it) in its current form.

Updated 1: Changed to RECOMMENDED (thumbs up) as Developer addressed the issue promptly.. no one plays the game money wasted such a shame. I thought this game would be "build a mech and fight others" instead its Overwatch with mechs oh and here are a few upgrades you can add. I thought this game would be "build a mech and fight others" instead its Overwatch with mechs oh and here are a few upgrades you can add. The bots are totally useless. Games are usually 2 real players and the rest bots. Needs a bigger player base to be fun but wont get it.. The things I like:
1. The design of mechs.
2. Gameplay is solid, had some fun playing around different game modes.
3. Each mech has its own weakness and strength.

The things I dont like:
1. The battlefield is sometimes very confusing for new players, with different skill effects and weapon damage types, but hasn't been fully explained for new players.
2. I can't find any place to check detailed weapons or equipments stats.
3. The game seems to involve a lot of grinding; I only got 2 weapons in 2 hours of play.
4. Bots' performance are inconsistant, sometimes they are very effective, sometimes they are just running around doing nearly nothing.
5. Playerbase is too small, I played against same player four times in a roll.

Overall this game has great potential. I wish it can mature over time and become a sucessful mech game. We really don't have many games in this genre these days.... I want to like this game. It seems fun and I'm a sucker for mech games, but sadly there are no players.

Peaking at only one or two players a day means you can't possibly fill up the 12 player matches and unfortunately it's un-playable.

Best of luck to the devs, I hope they can salvage it somehow or get it out there and build a playerbase. If they do I'll update my review to recommended as my only current complaint is the player count.

New rifle in version 3358!:

Features. New Update. Version 2724:

Features. New game mode "Frontline":

Let's play in the new game mode! We’ve already sneaked it into the game alongside the new update, so you don’t need to download anything else.
Did you have a chance to try out our new game mode with creeps? Please answer a few questions[] while the impression is still fresh in your minds. New update! Version 3230:

Greetings, noble knights!
The Unreal Enginewas created in 1998. Video games fans first saw it in a shooter with the same name, Unreal. For the past 20 years the engine’s creators have been constantly improving on their brainchild, keeping pace with modern technologies. During this time, Unreal Engine saw more than a hundred of projects, both large and small. The last version on the market is already the fourth one.

And it has recently gotten another update that includes bug fixes and even more resources for developing an awesome game! Because of that, Blazing Core needs a small upgrade as well. Download the patch and we will see you on the battlefield! Stay tuned — there will be new modules and new content soon!

. May holiday event!:

Can you guess where Gregor is hurrying off to, all grace and power? Towards the new May holiday event!

From May 1 to May 13 Blazing Core’s economy is switching to a new mode — all rewards you receive in battles will be multiplied.
  • Experience points will be doubled.
  • You will earn thrice the amount of coins per battle.
  • Your chances of getting a module will grow twofold.

Gather your friends and venture onto the battlefield! Earn coins and buy the skins you’ve wanted for so long, drones, and banners.

Let’s make it into a small competition. Check how many coins you currently have and either write the amount in the comments or attach a screenshot. And in two weeks we will total up and see who among our pilots deserves the title of the richest knight of Blazing Core!

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