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beware! Health problems when the elderly have to drive May be unaware of danger

Driving is one of the more common problems for older people. Because nowadays, most of the elderly tend to rely on themselves as the main ones.

Therefore, driving is another activity that most older people do all the time. Because you don't have to rely on other people when you want to go somewhere

But with an older age Visual acuity and skills That used to be there may be diminishing Which is at risk of an accident

Or unexpected things happen while driving, so we should learn about the problems that often arise in the elderly driving.

Both the elderly and the caretaker As well as other members of the house, if the problems are known, they will be dealt with in time.

Elderly groups at risk of developing problems while driving Are there any groups?
Older age group: For seniors over 70 years of age because it is an age group in which various body systems

Can deteriorate as quickly as possible, so responses to events That happens to be the most dangerous for drivers.

Gender: Gender is another risk factor for older adults, so older males are at a greater risk of driving.

Health Issues: For older people with health problems they are at the greatest risk of driving hazards.

Especially the elderly who have problems in terms of eye health Because it will obscure the vision of driving

Drug use: Drug use can affect driving problems. Because most of the elderly doctors will prescribe medication to cure dizziness.

Sleeping pills, muscle relaxants This is a drug that affects the body's internal systems and cannot function normally.

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