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Beauty Bounce Portable

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About This Game

A new day begins for Tomo, he has inherited his grandmothers resort and must now prove himself to the bank that holds the notes on the park.

To do this he needs to g 5d3b920ae0

Title: Beauty Bounce
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Dharker Studio
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2017


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Beauty Bounce is the third or maybe second installment in the Dharker Studio's Bounce series. In this one you face your biggest nemesis, nay the enemy of mankind itself; the bank. Somehow your grandmother late loving grandmother that owned a beach resort for 50 years never paid the freaking thing off. Can you sex the auditor into getting better rates? I did and let me tell you, she is a natural blonde. But if you're a man like me and thinks sex outside of marriage is haram then you can always take the next logical route; hosting a ing stupid beauty pageant to draw crowds to obviously failing beach resort that the bank is foreclosing on due to incompetence of the new management that inherited the business from his grandmother on her deathbed even though he flunked out of law school why does he have so much backstory of being a failure I'll admit it took me four years to get my two year degree but I didn't flunk out if you can get in you're set this dude is just a screw up. Anyway they story is mediocre, but has nice art and manages to get someone like me to keep buying their games. Took me 75 minutes to get all the CG. No girl really stood out. Seems a tad rushed at times. Losing the resort is the best ending.. looked good seemed to promised lots of sexy girls but. it was lackluster, story seemed lame and flat animation was alright but for 2017 should be a bit better, It's worth it if you can get it for $2.. Had fun playing Beauty Bounce as I did Beach Bounce. I enjoyed the characters, music, BG, and the story. I still like Yuki as she is just cool. I believe all the music is the same as Beach Bounce. I'm not sure about this as it's been awhile since I've played Beach Bounce. Regardless even if the music is the same as Beach Bounce I like the music a lot:) Seeing the picture with the closed resort was sad:( I also really liked the picture with Emiko and Tomo dancing together. The picture was very nice:) Hehe the harem ending I enjoyed a lot;) Tomo was definetly having fun in the harem ending;) Plus there is a patch so make sure u download the patch to play the adult content;) Quite honestly the only problem I have with this VN is that it was short:( I wish it was longer because everything in my opinion felt rushed. We have three new characters but I feel like I don't know them well. I enjoyed the pagent part but it was very rushed segment:( I wish we somehow dragged Sakura to join the pagent. Would of been interesting to see Sakura join the pagent Overall I had fun playing Beauty Bounce. I wish Beauty Bounce was longer and not a short VN.. This is an interesting graphical novella story. Almost no risque boards. My first tun got the resort closed. Better luck next time, huh? If you are in the mood for a fun time killer, get this game.. terribel, text crap just go search upon google and youll have a better experience. This being the second game from Dharker Studio I've played (The first being Negligee), I had quite a bit of fun with this game. Althrough you have to play through multiple times to get all the endings, this is made easier by being able to skip through the text and get straight to the newer content. That said, I would have liked it if this game was a bit longer, but as it is, I think it's worth the fiver I payed for it. + The art's lovely to look at. + Being able to fast-forward makes the multiple playthroughs much more bearable. + With six lovely ladies to choose from, there's a waifu for everyone. + Made even better with the Uncensored Edition Patch, which you can download from the Dharker Studio website. + Dat Harem Ending. - A bit short, but this is a minor complaint, and really this is just me wanting more pictures of anime bewbs. - This isn't a negative point per se, but it's worth pointing out that this game is in fact a sequel to the game Beach Bounce, which I haven't played yet, so y

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