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Original Title: Battledogs

Genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller






































A werewolf virus is unleashed upon New York, and Major Hoffman looks for a cure while Lt. General Monning wants to establish a new canine army.
Battledogs (2013)

** (out of 4)

The Asylum strikes back with this rather confusing mix of sci-fi and horror. An evil Lt. General (Dennis Haysbert) does battle against the good Major Hoffman (Craig Sheffer) over a woman (Ariana Richards) who was bitten by a wolf (or dog) and turns into a wolf (or dog) and goes on a rampage in NYC. With the virus spreading, Hoffman wants to try and save her for a cure but the General wants more wolves (or dogs) so that the Army can use them in wars. BATTLEDOGS is a pretty confusing picture on one major level and that's the fact that I'm really not sure what the monsters are. They act and sound like werewolves but the title refer to them as dogs. Even stranger is that throughout the film they are called wolves by some, canines by others and some call them dogs. I'm really not sure what they are but the CGI used for them makes them look decent but they're still clearly fake but this here is to be expected with such a small budget. The film on the whole doesn't work but I think it contains a few entertaining things for those who line up week after week to see what SyFy is giving us. The biggest attraction to the film is its cast members as many familiar faces from familiar films are on hand. Not only do we get Haysbert (MAJOR LEAGUE), Sheffer (A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT) and Richards (JURASSIC PARK) but there's also Wes Studi (DANCES WITH WOLVES), Kate Vernon (PRETTY IN PINK) and Ernie Hudson (GHOSTBUSTERS). Obviously the screenplay doesn't give any of them a real chance to act but I thought all of them were fine in their roles and certainly raised the material. It was also fun seeing Richards back in a film after a six year break. The CGI effects are all pretty cheap and bad but The Asylum did give us some real, practical effects, which allowed for plenty of gore. I say this after everyone of these movies but if you're expecting quality then you're not going to find it here. If you looking for cheap entertainment then this here offers a little of it. This is one of the better Asylum productions. The cast is to say above mediocre. You will see a lot of known faces from flicks from the eighties early nineties. So on that part it's okay. This story itself is a rip-off of the Sharknado franchise which is easy to explain because those people are involved.

But normally Asylum flicks aren't worth seeing for effects or horror but here the effects are rather okay. It's easy to spot that it's mediocre CGI but there's blood attached and the bites are looking nasty. So okay, for the horror geeks.

And the attack on New York looked also believable. So for a normal flick it isn't top notch but for an Asylum flick it is, worth picking up if you are into laughable and over the top horror done on a bad way.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5


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