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About This Game

Battle for the Sun is an action-packed, first-person shooter documenting the realities of war seen through the eyes of a special forces soldier in a world under alien attack. We find ourselves abruptly thrown into an adventure as a talented soldier carrying out his duty in this epic war.


4 years ago, army alien experiments conducted by the National Army Space Research (NASR) in Area 52 provoked an unexpected disaster. An alien, captured by NASR soldiers for experimentation and research, found a way to escape and plead for help from its home planet. Alien attacks that first began as revenge over time morphed into a systematic occupation that became a threat to human life. Our hero, Dylan; in order to save his family, country, and planet decides to take part in this war. His superior skills were not unnoticed by General Briggs so, after grueling training, Dylan joins the special forces. He goes on to become one of the most important men carrying out strategic missions. While enmeshed in the horror of war Dylan's camaraderie, loyalty and virtue will be tested. a09c17d780

Title: Battle For The Sun
Genre: Action, Indie
Appsolutely Studios
Appsolutely Studios
Release Date: 22 Jul, 2015

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Turkish

It is...really not that good. (game played before release with dev supplied key)
https:\/\/\/watch?v=QSdmTFMaibg<\/a>. "That was ***** awesome!", This game is "Unf***** believable!"

Seriously though, it is. Best bunnyhopping speedrun simulator I've ever played.

Just whack your speed and jump skills up and you can just launch yourself past everything. The story and characters are so hilariously bad that they end up being good, in a strange and twisted way. As much as I want to, I can't hate on this game. I actually enjoyed my playthrough and had a lot of laughs due to the terrible models, animations and voice acting.

I wouldn't recommend buying it at full price but if it's ever on a decent sale and you need a good laugh, give Battle For The Sun a shot and "Shoot like a b****".. here a fun video to this game
1/10 So i said i'll give it a try & i did only for 16 minutes...
in 16 minutes I got to see how horrible this game is...
The story is awesome though, like, there's something interesting about it.
The graphics really sucks... perhaps a repolish?
The voice commands are funny! & Ain't clear...
No achievements ... No trading cards...

Poor 2/10. Battle For The Sun
fast game with modern day graphics with easy controls that moves from location A to B to C and so on,
good amount of action and special effects,

good game.

Personal Suggested Purchase Price: $0.99 Or Less During Sale

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