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About This Game

Arctic alive - a simulator with elements of survival horror. The action takes place in Siberia on the research station "Arctic". There was something in what is ne 5d3b920ae0

Title: Arctic alive
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Dima Kiva
Dima Kiva
Release Date: 29 Jan, 2016


arctic monkeys nos alive youtube. arctic monkeys alive. arctic alive download. arctic monkeys nos alive 2014 setlist. arctic monkeys nos alive. arctic monkeys nos alive bilhetes. alive arctic monkeys. arctic alive. arctic monkeys alive bilhetes. arctic monkeys nos alive 2015. arctic alive gameplay. arctic monkeys nos alive 2018 direto. arctic monkeys nos alive alinhamento. arctic monkeys nos alive 2018 direto. arctic monkeys alive 2018. arctic alive game. arctic monkeys nos alive 2014. arctic monkeys live nos alive. arctic monkeys optimus alive. arctic monkeys nos alive 18 This is the sort of game that 'polarises' opinons (see what I did there?) But joking aside, it really does. The game attempts to do many things for its low cost - however at the same time it doesn't quite succeed. There is limited crafting, as well as stealth, combat and survival. however some could accuse the game of being excessive in its attempt. A good example is the survival elements. The basics are there such as eating and drinking - but there is also washing, going to the toilet and even having to clean your clothes. This does lead to the feeling of a lot of busy work that really is not welcome when trying to survive. All of this uses water which needs to be pumped into a tank meaning you have to run back to the pump room to pump even more water. And finally there is the stealth and combat. Both feel somewhat cumbersome as even the slightest movement will have the AI torpedo straight to you, but the AI itself moves in a somewhat random motion, leading to inevitable death. Once you finally have a weapon if you 'kill' the AI it turns into a sort of black puddle - which also will kill you on touch. However often this puddle is now blocking the path you need to take. So you need to wait for it to reform then try and kill it again, just somewhere it does not block your movement. Graphically the game is fairly ugly in all honesty but at least the controls are smooth, and the performance is good. With that all said - I actually like the game, despite the issues. In fact if anything I wish the game went on longer, as it is on the short side. So I applaud the game for trying to do a lot, and also for being a genuine indy game and not the usual asset flip - but be warned the game has a lot of rough edges, and it will test the patience of even the most patient saint.. Excellent game. A very unique, engaging story. One of the reasons I love indie games is that they are almost always unique. If you're a casual you would definitely not like Arctic Alive. It can be a bit difficult. I died over 50 times . The graphics are actually pretty good too, not typical for an indie game. I was really engaged by the main character, despite the lack of information revealed about her. Mysterious. I hope the developer continues to make games, and that they are translated to english so I can play them.. the game is cool , but needs alot of improvments : 1- stealth is not possible with so slow walk. 2- slow movements near walls. 3- improve options , choose our custom controls.. It wont play for me.Sucks. Excellent game. A very unique, engaging story. One of the reasons I love indie games is that they are almost always unique. If you're a casual you would definitely not like Arctic Alive. It can be a bit difficult. I died over 50 times . The graphics are actually pretty good too, not typical for an indie game. I was really engaged by the main character, despite the lack of information revealed about her. Mysterious. I hope the developer continues to make games, and that they are translated to english so I can play them.. what a horrible game. dont bother buying this even if its on sale what a waste of 2$. its not even that the game is hard its the enemy characters which was a surprise. seeing as most would think this is a survival game not a resident evil clone. alot of potential in this game but needs to be re worked badly. please do not waste you life playing this game until the developers get a brain.. Well, I'll be a batu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665crazy, faeces-flinging monkey's uncle if this isn't one of the most, erm, "curious" games I've come across in quite some time. Okay, so maybe it's not in quite the same league as Deadly Premonition - since that one was wilfully weird and this one is, for the most part, just bafflingly incompetent - but there's far more to this mystery than a quick glimpse of the Store page can possibly communicate. Let me first attempt to explain the "gameplay" and/or "story" to you. In Arctic alive (capital A, small A), you play a borderline-emotionless, quite possibly "bipolar" woman who needs constant anti-depressants to cope with the curious predicament she finds herself in, and is so inconsolable in her isolated loneliness that she chooses to die of hypothermia rather than try on a BLOUSE (!) which she finds in a hallway closet. Serves her right, really, for being in the arctic wearing a skimpy, skin-tight black latex costume, but I guess it DOES make her look all Jennifer Lopez from behind. I mean, you've gotta get your priorities straight, even in a desperate life-or-death situation, am I right? Anyway, so little Ms Sexy Bottom awakens, without any explanation, in a small cage-like partition of a room which is presumably meant to serve as her prison cell, in spite of the fact that the fence of said cage ends about two-thirds of the way up to the ceiling and her captors have generously provided her with a chair to easily hop over it. First brain-bending puzzle.CONQUERED! The next puzzle is HOW TO PUT AWAY A MAP OR NOTE after you pick it up to look at it. The only method I found for getting said items out of my hands and into my inventory was to use one of the food or medicinal items already in said inventory.fortunately, my survive-o-meter for hunger is already dropping, so it's not a complete waste, and speaking of such meters.did I mention there's one with the symbol of a TOILET?! I unfortunately didn't get far enough into the game to explore how THAT particular game mechanic works, but I'm sure it's a bit of an eye-opener (then again, she "eats" by just pushing foodstuffs in front of her face, whereupon they just magically disappear with a munching sound, so perhaps she goes potty in an equally visually - alas, not aurally! - petite manner). In any case, she soon enough enters a corridor where a spooky figure forms out of a black puddle on the ground, before promptly proceeding to walk up and snap her neck. No weapon in her hand yet, and no expression on her face as she dies such a horrible death. As I alluded to above, I think she WANTS to die. But just in case you don't share her feelings, searching a different area before braving this one will find you a note which suggests that you should stay still when he's looking at you, and herein lies one of the game's few genuinely creepy it's very surreal indeed to stand perfectly still while Mr Red Eyes walks straight up to you and stares you in the face, practically DARING you to move so much as a muscle, before casually strolling on. It's quite an effective touch, really.made all the more surreal by the fact that you're quite possibly SNEEZING ("a-choo!") from imminent hypothermia as he does so. Though I did eventually find the whole trying-to-make-some-progress-without-him-noticing shtick so borderline impossible that I eventually just RAN straight for the nearest door, because wouldn't you know it.Mr Red Eyes can't follow you through doors. Thank u2665u2665u2665u2665ing u2665u2665u2665u2665 for that, or I wouldn't have even made it to the sixth or seventh room in the game. I managed to achieve a few other things in the short time that I humoured this - let us be kind and say somewhat "under-developed" - product. I managed to turn off a generator (to what effect I'm not sure, but hey, it IS a horror-adventure game), and I also managed to pick up a whole tonne of other possibly useful stuff, but weapon and no useable toilets. Oh, and if you see a black puddle of goo which DOESN'T instantly morph into an obsidian-black gent with red eyes, I wouldn't advise trying to walk over it, as it insta-kills you for absolutely no apparent reason. Now, the Store page eloquently describes this as "a simulator with elements of survival horror". It doesn't tell us WHAT it's a simulator of, and as for "elements" of survival horror.well, call me crazy, but I'm not sure having your neck snapped by a supernatural entity multiple times in the first ten minutes of gameplay exactly qualifies as the "simulator" component of the game's description (unless it's meant to be a "getting-your-neck-snapped-by-supernatural-entities" simulator, in which case, it is most assuredly the quintessential game of its type). But wait, I still haven't mentioned the single most curious aspect of this game, which is. Despite the fact that this game bears almost all the hallmarks of a cheaply-made, unimaginatively-whipped-up horror game made on an engine like Unity or Unreal, it ISN'T a first-person game, and it ACTUALLY DOES LOOK LIKE all the rather spiffy screenshots and videos on the Store page! So this presumably WASN'T made by someone who has no idea about either good gameplay OR they'd actually appear to know a little about the latter! So if Dima Kiva ever learns anything about, y'know, logical storytelling and workable gameplay mechanics, he or she may actually be capable of making a COMPETENT game one day! It's certainly been a surreal experience, I can tell you that. I'm used to horror games these days being either really excellent, kinda decent, or just flat-out steaming DOGu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665 This is none of those things. It's closer to the kind of bog-standard incompetence you might have expected YEARS ago, before anyone had heard of things like Steam Greenlight, for example. Which is to COULD almost pass for "professional" product, at least until you actually make the mistake of PLAYING the u2665u2665u2665u2665ing thing. From that point onward, the cat is most definitely out of the bag, hissing and feral and ready to claw your face clean off. Who knows, maybe this will even be knocked into some kind of shape which one could deem vaguely "playable" sometime in the future? Stranger things have happened. In the meantime, I shall be sure to hold my breath until I'm as blue in the face as a victim of, well, hypothermia (bear with me here, trying my best to remain topical). Verdict: 4/10.. At times frustrating, not without its share of annoying bugs, and in dire need of a proper english translation. Nevertheless, it is strangely compelling, and one of the more original games I've played in a while.

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