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Inspired by chess, but adding combat that YOU control, Archon was the original Battle Chess. You must try to outmaneuver your opponent using teams of fantasy creatures o 5d3b920ae0

Title: Archon Classic
Genre: Strategy, Indie
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Release Date: 2 Nov, 2010


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OK, first off, I actually owned the original game plus its sequel Archon II:Adept as a kid in the 80s. This is just bad. This game has bad graphics, bad sound effects, and annoying music. Neither the campaign mode nor any of the added features like a 4-player variation make this game worth any amount. Also, only local multiplayer? The only thing that this game has going for it is nostalgia. Oh yeah, did i mention the hard crash to the Windows desktop midgame? I am glad I ONLY paid 99 cents for it. Stay away.. Loved the original Archon on C64. Strategic tabletop positioning, distinct yet balanced factions with unique pieces, game-changing spell management and skill based combat duels. Archon was ahead of it's time and a precursor for many modern game mechanics. Archon Classic captures and enhances that. Good fun.. A nice update of the 80s original. A different take on chess.. The multiplayer mode is only hot-seat. (no lan/internet) Othewise the game is good, get it when its on sell. Fun little game worth a few hours sadly nothing more.. Awesome remake of an old (almost obscure) C64 game. Kind of like chess with mythical beasts except you get a chance to fight your opponent in an arena.. The challenges of the campaigns are badly designed. AI never attacks the player so completing some missions within allowed number of turns is not possible. Otherwise, it's an ok remake of the original game, although I see no logic behind the movement speed determined for each battle.. Game was great back on the NES, I'm glad someone finally remade it. They did a good job remakeing it at that, the modern graphics do the orginal credit, and there's an awesome campain mode to boot. Supports controllers and multiplayer.. I used to play the hell out of this on the Commodore 64.. It's a fun little game that's like chess, but so much more crazy. It's hard to imagine this game came out like 30 years ago and is still pretty fun to play with some friends or family locally. Definitely worth a whirl once you figure out what game modes and settings you feel are most balanced.

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