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When a series of gruesome murders shake a small town after a strange aristocrat dies and his body goes missing, rumors of a supernatural monster abound. In life Sir William 5d3b920ae0

Title: Alter Ego
Genre: Adventure
bitComposer Games
Viva Media
Release Date: 3 Aug, 2010


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My recommendation is about as weak as it gets: If there was a Null option, I would have chosen that. I just finished this game, clocking it at 7 hours, half of which, I'm quite certain, was spent walking from place to place. At least, that's how it felt. The game's title is in reference to the fact that the focus swaps between two separate POV characters. One is an Irish pickpocket with plans to travel to America with his best mate (with voice acting that is uniformly and bizarrely listless and monotone). The other is a new detective who is caught up in a murder investigation on his very first day on the job. The story is intriguing and the mystery will keep you guessing for much of the game. Not that you can possibly solve it, but you can at least make wild guesses that will almost assuredly be utterly inaccurate. It's not your fault; that's how it was written. The gameplay is very linear and the puzzles vary from snoozingly simplistic to vaguely difficult, and none of them should be particularly hard to overcome, though some are easy to overlook if you forget to talk to someone or inspect an intem in your inventory properly. Other than the primary POV character, the voice acting is actually quite good, and the art is very well done. (well, other than the point at which the good detective is standing upon the hand of a murder victim, anyway) There is very little music other than during the cut scenes, which are not particularly obtrusive and do serve to fill out scenes between gameplay quite nicely. There are subtitles, so you can skip forward, and nearly all dialogue during gameplay can be repeated, so if you miss something, you can go back through. However, you can't replay cut scenes or a few auto-play moments, so don't skip forward. Especially near the end. Also, there are a number of scenes where the subtitles aren't in boxes but rather are actually cut off at the bottom of the screen, making them rather difficult to read. A couple of "leave area" hot spots have that same issue. Speaking of the end, don't blink or you'll miss it and find yourself staring at the main menu (not even credits) wondering what in the everloving hell just happened. To say that it is abrupt is putting it mildly. And even if it were longer, it would be no less unsatisfying and jarring. It looks suspiciously like there was a plan for a sequel, however the studio closed the year after this game was released, so there is no hope of the terrible ending ever being mitigated. (I don't know if they ran out of money and that's why they ended it this way, or if this game killed the studio in revenge for that ending) I'd take the ME3 ending over this and be happy, it's just that atrocious. The Good: * Voice Acting is quite well done, with one unfortunately major exception * Tone is fairly even, despite the swap between POV protagonists * The puzzles aren't terribly difficult, though they can be a bit simplistic at times The Bad: * Having music during gameplay would go a long way * Walking takes forever and there's rather too much of it * There are plot threads and hot spots that never get resolved * Neither of the protagonists is particularly likeable, so playing as them is kind of grating The Ugly: * That horribad ending. WTF?!? Rating: 58% This game could come in at a solid 75% or so if it weren't for the few notable flaws. It loses a full 10% for the ending alone, plus another 5% for Tim's voice actor sleeping-walking through the entire adventure. The slow pace and uneven quality on the subtitles and controls take out a few more percentage points. It had the makings of a solid, if unremarkable adventure game, and most of the time, that's what you've got. Unfortunately, it's flaws are unavoidable, and thus I can't in good consience give it more than the most tepid of recommendations. If I could give it a Null Recommendation, I would. TLDR: It's ok enough, but you've been warned about the primary POV's sleep-inducing delivery and that ending. that terrible, execrable ending.. Yeah, when a game: 1. Is utterly bland and hasn't really got interesting after 5 hours of playtime (apparently, though I idled with this open a lot. because it's boring) 2. Has mundane, pointless puzzles that mostly involve "did you remember to get such and such from before because you need it now" or "hit the button that shows all hotspots, puzzle solved". 3. Has windowed issues, to the point where I had to restart my computer more than once because it froze up and took my mouse cursor with it. It is neither worth my time or the effort it takes to play. I've tried to be the least bit interested in this for over two weeks now, and. nothing. There is no reason to buy this game, there are so many better adventure games out there.. I just finished this game and although I had a good time playing it, the ending ruined it for me. If there was a sequel, it would be fine; alas there is not. There is a decent story, although towards the end it becomes overly complicated and the mystery is never really solved, or explained. Again, it seems as if a sequel was intended but it just didn't happen. That's really too bad, as there is no story resolution with this single game. After playing all three of the Black Mirror series, I understand how a cliffhanger at the end can be fun. as long as the story continues. I cannot fault the game itself for this, as my understanding is that the studio was closed before that was possible, so I have to give this game a thumbs up, but with the caution that you can't expect a complete story. If you can write your own ending, then go for it. If not, wait for a huge sale.. The game itself is pretty good. The handdrawn background graphics are beautiful and the voice acting is good too. The only thing that sucks is the abrubt ending and the parts of the story that didn't make sense and where never explained. The company which produced the game went bankrupt afterwards. So i guess they went out of money while developing and released an unfinished game to counteract the bancruptcy. Well i still give the game a recommendation because up until the ending it was quiet good.. Very poor storyline. The puzzles for this game is pretty logical for the most part, but the story itself is pretty bland. The two main characters that you play are thoroughly unenjoyable, and the ending is very bad. If there had been a sequel to this game, then I can understand as to how they thought ending the game the way they did was a good idea. The ending provides no resolution. The story is incredibly boring. All of the interesting things happen to be described to you at the end. Just not a good story at all. If you want an adventure game to play and like the puzzles, play this game. Otherwise, the very bad story will bore you immensely.

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