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Adorables Download For Pc Ocean Of Games

Adorables Download For Pc Ocean Of Games

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About This Game

The world's cutest creatures arrived...and want to play!
In Adorables you can play with 3 fully customizable cute characters in 6 different game types. Play against your friends, collect coins, customize your characters and win the Tournament or the World Tour modes. Adorables offer a lots of fun for you, don't miss it! But beware, it's very addictive

The control is very simple. You only need to click on the character to control and aim with the arrow.

Main features:
  • Platform free multiplayer

  • 3 single player modes (practice, world tour and tournament)

  • Fully customizable characters

  • 6 games (soccer, beach ball, CTF, Last Adorable Standing, Ice Hockey, Mummy)

  • Turn based and fast game modes

  • 8 languages (English, Hungarian, Chinese, German, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian)

  • Achievements, leaderboards

  • You can select from the world's all countries to represent in the competitions

  • Controller support

  • HD graphics

  • Tooltip

Title: Adorables
Genre: Casual, Indie, Sports, Strategy
White Rabbit Games
White Rabbit Games
Release Date: 30 Mar, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 120 MB available space

English,German,Hungarian,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Russian

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Adorables is just a simple game, to try once alone and then play online/hot seat with some friends - soccer, ice hokey, capture the flag and more game modes. Is that game great? No, it's decent at most, but somehow it feels like a fun game to play at parties. Also, it's probably just a mobile port, but there are Steam Trading Cards and achievements so there was some work put into releasing it on Steam. Even tho the full price is low, try to aim for some sales or bundle with that game.. This game am being very excitement. My Mom telling the me for I make much smile when to playing of this game. I celebrations very much joy for to winning against the opponent.. This game is so fun, i feel like a little kid. Adorables is a very simple physics ball game with nice graphics and cute little "Adorables". You can change the color of your characters at the beginning of the game. After you've won some money, you can change the shape of your adorables , buy a different eye and/or mouth and also buy a hat, bow or horns. There are severals different sporting events, Soccer, Beach Soccer and Ice Hockey. There is also Capture the Flag, Last Adorable Standing, and The Mummy. Your 3 Adorables are controlled by assigning each a direction in which to launch via an arrow attached to them. The speed and distance in which the Adorable will launch is decided by how long or short you stretch the arrow. They can also be banked off the sides, knock each other and the ball around, kind of like playing pool. Its a fun little game, but can become repetitive. If you like very simple physics games, I'd wait to get it on sale or in a bundle.. Adorables is a game about little adorable monsters!, you play as a monster in several mini games. From soccer, to capture the flag this game has it all!


- The money worth
- Achievements and cards
- Not graphic intensive
- Multiplayer
- Cute monsters


- Music is badly looping, better turn it off.
- Some sound effects are compared to the background music extremely loud.

Worth it. Can be fun multiple hours and it also has nice emoticons and background! Just look at those monsters! Aren't they so cute that they convince you to buy it?!

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