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A Bloody Night Torrent Download [full Version]

A Bloody Night Torrent Download [full Version]

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About This Game

You hear a scream in the middle of the night. You wake up and see your sister lying on the floor lifeless…

You will have to reach the heart of the Empire to find out who ordered to kill her and why.

Your intentions are clear, you will not spare anyone who stands in your way…


- Simple and intuitive controls to put you immediately at the core of the action.

- No waste of time by navigating through several menus or by having to remember complex combos.

- The appeal of an old "arcade" mechanics from the past, but with a more dynamic and "modern" rhythm.

- Simple game mechanics but requiring a lot of practice to be mastered at its best.

- Short and fast levels, perfect even for quick gaming sessions.

- Fluid animations and fast action.

- 3 bonus games that will empower your character.

- 20 different levels.

- Fast and accurate system of impacts.

- Very rewarding collisions.

- Dynamic camera that emphasizes combat phases. b4d347fde0

Title: A Bloody Night
Genre: Action, Indie
Emanuele Leoncilli
Emanuele Leoncilli
Release Date: 22 Jun, 2017


Great concept, horrible controls. I would have loved this if the controls werent so broken.. very bloody. very hard VERY ENJOYABLE
very satisfying.. Fun, simple, bloody and did I mention fun? Great game.. Great concept, horrible controls. I would have loved this if the controls werent so broken.. Although i think the controls are god awful, the game it self is pretty good.
You definitley need a controller if you want to keep your sanity.
game is very basic, and considering what i got for one dollar, id say im pretty happy.
fighting is simple.
hes ded
Wish the game had more cuttomization. 7\/10.
. Fun, simple, bloody and did I mention fun? Great game.. This game is a lackluster hack and slash with no progression. There's no sense of variety between the enemies. You're enemies are: Basic Spear Guy, Basic Shield Guy, Black Shield Guy (who traps you into his killing animation which leaves you open to other attacks), Slippery Archer, Green Guy, and One Hit Kill Guy. There's no sense of rising difficulty. When the game tries to create a sense of urgency it fails horribly. There's no way to heal or restore your power slash bar. The game's "challenge" is derived from random, unavoidable, or downright unfair traps or weapons. There's no real progression due to the lack of true challenge. Also, there's no drive to keep going. In this type of game the gameplay is the only thing that keeps you going through the levels. The levels should get harder and test your skills more and more as you progress. This game fails to do that. The combat is boring and most of time, you die from random things with no way of seeing it coming. Did I meantion there's no checkpoints? That's right if you die right on the very last enemy you have to start the entire level over usually meaning you have to go through the random falling log again.

I give this game a 3\/10. It's a waste of money and time. The game feels like a skeleton of what could be a good game but fails to deliver. However those are my only issues. There's nothing that is insensitive or completely stupid. So it get's a 3\/10. Bad Game. DO NOT BUY!!!!!! (even if it's 90% off). Amazing hidden gem!

This game is much deeper and complex than it may seems.

A mandatory purchase for all players who are still looking for difficult but rewarding challenges. 9\/10. If you don't wanna read a review then click on the link to my youtube video I will put on the end

So A Bloody Night, its onthing to say pixels + blood and gore and another to have a fun game.
The blood and gore isn't really that bad because of the pixels same with the blood. The game itself is fun to play but there are somethings wrong with it but lets first start with the good things.

The combat is fast and challenging its also verry easy to learn yet hard to master, that is the best way to do combat in my eyes. you can only use a giant buster sword to best your enemies but man does it have some punch.

But here is also its weaqkness due to the way the sword works you can be stuck in a pose for several seconds wich can lead to your death and when you jump onto a ledge you can't immediatly block. these elements make the game frustrating and should be adressed by the developers for in my eyes it makes the game a bit unfair.

OVeral I like the game but it needs some work done to it to make it complete in my eyes. I do recommend that people check this game out but keep in mind that it has things that can be very frustrating

My video\/watch?v=8epzSrA-50A\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >:https:\/\/\/watch?v=8epzSrA-50A<\/a>. What a hidden gem. The more I play it the more I appreciate the thought that went into it. There were alot of moments where I thought "that's badly designed" but then I'd see what the developer was doing and then I'd think "interesting".

For example when I first encoutered a barrel and my gamer instinct compelled me to break it for turkey I found my first strike was too high to hit it. Frustrating, but then I did hit it and it exploded. Your first strike is high on purpose because later you face enemies surrounded by those barrels. Now I wouldn't describe the design as intuitive but if you pay attention you'll get the sense every element has been carefully considered.

I have one major complaint though and that's with the mini-games. They are so lame. And you need to beat them to get essential power-ups. Not essential for beating the game but essential for enjoying the game. Playing those last levels without the dark soul would have been so tedious that if I'd failed at getting it this review might be red instead of blue.

Anyways, great game. Certainly worth five dollars. And I'd be very intereseted in playing Emanuele Leoncilli's next game.


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