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10 Taboos about Sexologist in Delhi

Intimacy is a topic which is restricted to 4 walls and not everyone talks about it openly and thus lot of myths and taboos are framed about it which doesn’t have any head or toe to it. Clearing the doubts and making it crisp is our job. We are the top sexologist in Delhi who is known to advice you with the best treatment in intimacy related issues.

Best sexologist in Delhi

  • Doctors tend to fool their patients

Everything which is not healthy needs treatment, so intimate problems also need it. It is a taboo that a sexologist tends to fool their patients because there is no intimate problem which must be treated. Dr. P.K Gupta is the best sexologist doctor in Delhi and he is known for his work and experience.


  • They are very rigid and rough to their clients

“A person can only share his problem when he is provided comfort and transparency, right atmosphere and treatment can do wonders to his health.” quotes Dr. P.K Gupta, Sexologist in Delhi.


  • They just give medications which can give you side effects and no treatment is served

Counseling, exercises and right amount of medication is served here. The person needs relief mentally and physically so that he is mentally prepared for the treatment and Dr. Gupta being the most experienced Sexologist in Delhi NCR assures that well.


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  • Impotency cannot be treated

Everything in this world can be treated and there is nothing impossible in this world. Impotency is not the end of the world and it can be treated by therapies by Dr. P.K Gupta who is the best Sexological therapy in Delhi.


  • “THESE PROBLEMS ARE NORMAL” why treatment is required?

Sexual problems are not “NORMAL”, it can affect your body in multiple ways by making it weak. One problem is a root to many so treatment is mandatory. You will get the best sex treatment in Delhi.


  • “GUPT ROG GUPT hi hona chahiye”

These issues are not meant to hidden and crib upon. One must be very open about it and seek treatment. You can find the best treatment by typing “gupt rog doctor near me” on Google.


  • Only men desire intimacy

There is no such thing that only men need and women don’t. We live in an egalitarian society where both genders desire for the same, so this myth must be terminated.



By breaking this taboo, we would say that “Haa! Mard ko bhi dard hota hai!” treatment is very important for everyone as problem is not gender oriented. Book your appointment with the best Sex specialist doctor in Delhi.


  • Sexual counseling is useless

Counseling is responsible for the psychological well being of a person, it can soothe and calm a person at a very vast extend.


  • If your partner doesn’t want intimacy, he doesn’t love you

Low libido is a sexual disorder in which the person does not feel like maintaining intimate relationships, these issues are not controllable and it must be treated.


So, and the end we hope that we dissolved all your doubts regarding the taboos you had I your mind and heard by the society. P.K Gupta is known for his calm and patient qualities so the title of Best Sexologist in Delhi justifies him well.


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