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Key position gnuplot tutorial ^193^

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gnuplot key space between symbol and text
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31 Aug 2012 generating the plot: gnuplot> plot "datafile1.txt" using 2:4 with lines title "data", . You could move the legend outside the plotting area, then they definitely wouldn't overlap: gnuplot> set key (close to top-left position). 25 Apr 1995 The set key enables a key describing curves on a plot. The can be a simple x,y,z as in previous versions, but these can the string, gnuplot is unable to calculate correctly the width of the string for key positioning.The set key enables a key (or legend) describing plots on a plot. below and under) may be used to automatically place the key in other positions of the graph. 14 Apr 2009 Illustration of key positioning commands and concept. # # Dan Sebald, 7 nov 2004 # set key default set key box set multiplot layout 3,3 set key 10 Sep 2001 Available options are, left, right, top, bottom, outside, and below. You can combine some of them. For example, outside bottom. The coordinate (100,100) is the position of the mid-point between a text and a line/symbol of the first line of the legend. If you want to put labels into a graph using the epslatex terminal you are set label 2 't $5$,meV' at 1.38,4e9 rotate by 78.5 center tc ls 1 set label 3 't $10$ . the entries in the legend more intuitive we can simple tell Gnuplot to invert them. Some how I was not able to get your gnuplot code to get working. I didn't want to Hence the legend position can be controlled by pgfplots . 19 Dec 2007 Illustration of key positioning commands and concept. left top)" plot x,-x set key center top set title "Key (ins vert center top)" replot set key right The `set key` command enables a key (or legend) describing plots on a plot. {at }} {left | right | center} {top | bottom | center} {vertical | horizontal} {Left This is a best reviewed gnuplot manual for teaching how to plot and select options, especially about title and labels.

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