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What is the requirement of tube straightener in design

What are the design requirements of tube straightener issued by: Click: 10

the hydraulic straightener is a common straightener. It has the characteristics of small industrial robotic arm manufacturers volume, reasonable design structure, convenient movement and hydraulic transmission. It is suitable for the hydraulic straightener of miners and electrical parts. With the explosion-proof device and the small size of the machine, it can be easily transported to the well for direct operation, so the efficiency will be significantly improved Straight machine is an indispensable machine in the maintenance workshop of coal mine. It can also make some irregular shape steel.

Straightening machine is widely used in industry, and its main function is to straighten steel bar by bending deformation in industry. This kind of steel is one of the most used materials in construction, which can no longer be reused with steel bar, so iron is needed to shoulder this responsibility,

the roller straightening used for the pipe rod is usually called the inclined roller straightener. The straightening roll of the inclined roll h beam welding line leveler is inclined. When the pipe rod enters the straightening machine, the straightening machine is also used for forward movement and rotation movement. In the process of straightening, the tube bar is straightened through repeated bending deformation of multiple rolls.

In the case of processing more reinforcement, it is necessary to organize 2-3 people to carry out special operation to manage the work. When the operator puts a piece of steel bar from the right side of the straightener into the hole of the machine, straighten the deformed reinforcement, and then intercept and transport the processed reinforcement to the building, It can be said that the workload is very heavyIn general, in this type of operation, the straightener is likely to be overloaded, the staff need to rest and the machine must rest. h beam welding line If the workload of the machine is 24 hours, the machine will not be able to eat. Generally, maintenance and revision are needed so that the personnel can operate better.

With the rapid and sustainable development of today's economy, in many modern industries, the scale and overall level of technology have been improved, and some parts and components are needed. The straightening accuracy and efficiency of hyperbolic straightening machine are obvious. The straightening machine is higher than the old straightening machine, and it is modern production Essential machines.

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