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What are the famous manufacturers and brands of CNC pipe bender at home and abroad

Our company wants to purchase a CNC pipe bender with good performance. Please know the experts in this industry for advice. What hydraulic swing beam shear famous manufacturers are there at home and abroad?
Suzhou Jiaao is also good, our company bought it, and the operation is very convenient
Yinglin in Taiwan, Guoqing in Shanghai and Qiao Sheng in Zhangjiagang are all good!
Nowadays, there are two kinds of CNC pipe bender: one is the traditional CNC pipe bender with machine tool type. The higher the value, the more advanced it will be. For example, CNC2 / CnC3 / CNC5 and so on. Now it has reached cnc8. The model I mentioned is foreign equipment model, and the domestic pipe bender is only up to CnC3. There are many domestic manufacturers of this type of equipment in Zhangjiagang, For example, Taiwan's pipe benders are all made there, so if you want to make them in China, go to Zhangjiagang and Zhejiang jinmasun; abroad are Germany's sidford, Japan's sun, and American pipe benders. If it comes to imported pipe benders, Italian ercolina is the best in the world, so far I don't know the Chinese name, You can visit the company's official website. The other is a new type of CNC pipe bending machine. This type of pipe bending machine does not need to wear mandrel. It is small in size and easy to move to the site for processing and production. What's more, it can add a worktable, turn it into a mandrel bending machine, remove the working table, and turn china hvac duct forming machine it into a new type of non mandrel mobile CNC bending machine, There are several domestic imitation, the process is not mature, the effect is not very good, the world's portable mobile CNC bending machine only ercolinaThe pipe bender is the best. You can search for the pipe bender manufacturer on the Internet, go to their website, compare and consult by telephone, I believe you will find a pipe bender suitable for your needs.
you can go to Zhangjiagang for an investigation. There are many pipe bender manufacturers there, such as Qiao Sheng and Hefeng Hehua.
Hello, we are Zhangjiagang Yanghong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate in the future. Thank you!

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