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What are the advantages of prefabricated buildings

What are the advantages of prefabricated buildings? The following construction network for you to bring the introduction of relevant content for reference.

1) Not limited by the cast-in-place concrete.

2) The appearance quality of prefabricated building concrete is excellent

because it is produced in industrial chemical plant, the quality control of concrete is easier than cast-in-place concrete, and the appearance is very good. It can be used as decoration engineering without the process of repainting, which reduces the materials, garbage, dust and labor required for painting.

3) Prefabricated buildings can achieve complex appearance modeling

because prefabricated components are produced by industrial production, complex components can be produced through the processing and design of steel formwork, and the production process is relatively low cost.

4) Prefabricated buildings are easy to be combined with steel components

at present, modern buildings are mostly mixed structures, which need to be constructed with steel structure and concrete structure at the same time, so as to realize the design concept of modern buildings. Prefabricated buildings are easy to be combined with steel structures or other building materials to realize the future trend of composite construction.

5) Prefabrication and assembly buildings are free of fire prevention construction, priming powder polishing and external decoration, and the overall construction period is faster than that of steel structures.

6) The surface of prefabricated exterior wall panel of prefabricated building can be treated with various surface finishes

prefabricationThe exterior wall board can cooperate with the architectural design to pre embed the ceramic tile, the stone material, the clear water mold, the special modelling clear water mold and so on each kind of surface decoration processing.

7) The environmental protection of prefabricated get more construction site is

because the prefabricated construction is assembled at the construction site with good appearance quality, no painting is required, which reduces the site formwork operation and site painting operation.

8) The prefabricated sandwich thermal insulation outer wall board of prefabricated building is easy to realize, and there is no defect that the external thermal insulation is easy to fall off and the internal thermal insulation is damaged.

9) The prefabricated component factory has high mobility, which can facilitate the production of components.

The production of prefabricated components can residential construction steel elevator shaft be adjusted to local conditions, without the need of steel structure factory, a large amount of power supply and many equipment, and the transportation cost of components can be reduced by setting up mobile factories.

10) Compared with the cast-in-place construction site which needs a large number of workers, the prefabricated construction site has less labor.

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