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The heritage of the usage of excessive Tg base material

With the fast improvement of electric powered industry, especially for the pc as the consultant of digital products, creating towards the excessive performance, excessive multilayer requires pcb assembly china with greater warmth resistance to make certain excessive reliability. On the different hand, as an end result of improvement of SMT, CMT with excessive density PCB meeting technology, the PCB manufacturing with small gap size, first-class strains, and skinny thickness is greater and extra inseparable from the guide of excessive warmth resistance.

If the Tg of PCB substrate is increased, the warmness resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and steadiness of printed circuit boards will be extended as well. The excessive Tg applicants are greater in the lead-free PCB manufacturing process.

When beginning a PCB design, How to pick out PCB base material
Therefore, the distinction between universal Tg FR4 and excessive Tg FR4 is, in the warm state, specifically in the warmth absorption with moisture, the excessive Tg PCB substrate will operate higher than customary FR4 in the elements of mechanical strength, dimensional stability, adhesiveness, water absorption, and thermal decomposition.

Usually, the manufacture is would like to select excessive Tg cloth to produce excessive layers of PCB(especially ≥10L ) or multi-layer heavy copper PCB(≥3oz) to enhance excessive reliability/high quality. The frequent use of excessive Tg cloth is like ITEQ IT180, Shengyi S1000-2, EMC EM827. Isola(370HR) is now not frequent use and want particularly buy and fee will extra luxurious than frequent use excessive Tg material.

There are additionally fabric which Tg fee can attain to extra than 190℃ or 210℃, however, it is rare to use it, the rate is greater than 370HR, like Isola FR408HR, this additionally belongs to excessive frequency material.

What is the fashionable reference on PCB base material?
IPC-4101 is an intentional popular to specify the PCB base material.
When you order PCBs, You can specify your PCB fabrication in your specification in accordance to IPC-4101, the excessive tg PCB base cloth should neet IPC-4101/126,and then the PCB manufacturer will select the right cloth accordingly.

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