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The current trend of outdoor furniture materials

from the most primitive stone to the latest alloy, the raw materials of outdoor furniture in the house have become as diverse as the planning. Today, the outdoor furniture materials used by people are better than ever before.

Good outdoor furniture materials can make your outdoor furniture have more gorgeous and clear texture effect and excellent quality of firmness and durability. Together, it is also a more colorful renovation of processing means and planning ideas, so as to create more new outdoor furniture. Together with this, relative to the traditional outdoor furniture materials, also did not quit the historical stage.

Aluminum: hand Forging Aluminum garden leisure chairs is aluminum mold casting cooling, and then processing. Cast aluminum furniture is light, so it is easy to move and process together. It is the first choice of outdoor furniture materials.

Teak: Teak has become a very popular raw material, because it can preserve the beauty of outdoor furniture for a long time, its resistance to weathering, decay and insects, convenient protection.

Rattan: rattan weaving furniture, as one of the ancient furniture, is still loved by the masses in the outdoor area, so willow still maintains its popularity. It is simple in quality and does not affect the bearing capacity of rattan.

In your outdoor space, you should have complete outdoor furniture configuration, such as the deployment of rattan sofa suite and tea table, the deployment of imitation rattan rattan pool loungers table and leisure chair. It's better to spread a carpet on the ground which is convenient for finishing, and add some green plants you like appropriately.

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