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Tesla Model y is equipped with a new type of heat pump

According to foreign media reports, Tesla underfloor heating pump Model y is equipped with heat pump, which makes the crossover electric vehicle more distinctive. Through this subtle adjustment, model y may become one of the best winter models of the brand.

Resistance heating systems are considered to be 100% effective because the heat output is equivalent to the energy consumed. However, this kind of system also needs to be improved. For example, when driving in a cooler environment, a large amount of resistance heating will lead to a reduction in the actual range.

Tesla seems to be aware of this challenge and decided to install a heat pump on model y to replace the usual resistive heating system. To some extent, heat pump is a kind of air conditioning that can work in reverse. Air conditioning units use refrigerants to trap heat in an area and then transfer it outside. The working air source heat pump principle of heat pump is similar to this. Through the reversing valve, the unit can reverse the flow of refrigerant and generate heat.

Heat pump does not produce heat, but delivers hot air to specific areas through the system. The compressor uses electricity to carry refrigerant throughout the system, capturing heat from the outside, and delivering the heat to the inside. Because of the low boiling point of refrigerants, this kind of heat pump is very effective. Only 1kW of energy can be used to generate 3KW of heat energy.

In winter, electricityThe range of motor ground source heat pump vehicles is usually reduced. The new system can help owners eliminate their concerns about driving in cold weather. Regardless of the external temperature, the model y can still achieve the rated mileage and ensure the driving distance of a single charge due to the high-efficiency heat pump.

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