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Tangshan City marble maintenance price terrazzo renovation

Then, the stone renovating machine is equipped with terrazzo stone tile manufacturer steel, gold and stone water grinding plate, from coarse to fine, it needs to complete seven times of grinding and polishing. Finally, the ground is flat and smooth, and then steel wool is used to polish, and the polishing degree meets the design requirementsThere is no obvious gap between stones. (for granite renovation, bridge type grinding machine and professional grinding plate must be used, resin grinding plate is not allowed. Rough grinding: it is not allowed to reduce the grinding times and change the mesh number of grinding discs. The color of the cut, height difference, scratch and deformation of the 60 mesh grinding plate is basically the same and must be full.

Chengde terrazzo renovation construction pursues perfection

in order to avoid unclear responsibilities in the future, so as to protect the marble renovation quartz stone for kitchen and maintenance site, the owners can rest assured of the protection before construction: a fine line is made with transparent silica gel at the joint between the solid wood surface and the ground stone, which can prevent water from entering the wood, causing the wood to swell and blacken. All sides of the facade of the actual construction face are pasted with protective film and pasted with masking paper. The corner of the door frame and door pocket is protected by the company's customized "breakable right angle protection board" to prevent corner collision. The edge of grinding machine is protected by professional anti-collision pad.

Marble is a kind of fashionable and gorgeous decorative building materials, and the maintenance method is also relatively special. It is necessary to use a special cleaning agent for marble just for cleaning. Ordinary cleaning agent can not achieve the effect, but also leave part of fluoride in the marble and hurt the marble. It is suggested that consumers should use professional nursing detergent when they care for marble. Marble in the long-term use may appear luster fading, damage and other problems, encountered in this case, the need for marble renovation. So, how to renovate the marble?

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