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The main functions of the shuttle include: single pallet access; automatic pallet access; designated number of pallet access; goods counting, sorting and edge changing; goods first in first out, first in first out; low power prompt protection - automatic return to the starting point; fast charging. This efficient storage method brings new choices for improving the utilization of warehouse space.

Working principle of shuttle shelf system

1. Inventory: goods are placed at the front of rack lane track by forklift, and the shuttle trolley operated by radio remote control carries pallet goods to run on the track;

2. Pick up: move the pallet deep in the shelf to the front, and take down the goods by forklift.

3. Mobile trolley: the shuttle trolley can be used in different roadways, and the quantity is determined by the depth of the roadways, the total amount of goods, the shipment batch, the shipment frequency and other comprehensive factors.

Working mode:

LIFO: there is a channel at one end of the shelf, and the shuttle car is used to store and then take out the goods.

Application range

< 1. Large quantity and small sample: large batch of single varieties of food, beverage, chemical industry, tobacco, etc., and relatively single item of operation;

< 2. Cold storage operation: reduce low temperature operation time, improve work efficiency and safety;

3. Term management: a warehouse with strict requirements for item batches, requiring first in, first out management;

< 4. Increase the storage capacity: a warehouse with limited storage space, requiring greater use of space;

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Fluency shelf is also called sliding shelf. It uses roller aluminum alloy, sheet metal and other fluency bars. It uses the self weight of the goods stand to take goods from one channel and the other channel to achieve first in first out, convenient storage, and one replenishment for many times. Fluent shelf storage efficiency is high, suitable for the short-term storage and selection of a large number of goods. It can be equipped with electronic labels to realize easy management of goods. Common sliding containers include turnover boxes, parts boxes and cartons, which are suitable for a large number of goods and short-term storage and selection. It is widely used in distribution center, assembly workshop and warehouse with high frequency of delivery. Flow swab shelf is used in combination with conveyor line, and is commonly used in goods picking operation.

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the mobile shelf evolved from the beam type or shelf type shelf, which is one of the high-density storage shelf systems. Generally, two rows of shelves are installed on a mobile base, and the long axis is connected in the base to drive the rollers on the long axis to move along the track laid on the ground. The goods are transported and stored by forklift. In general, it can be divided into two kinds: rail and trackless (magnetic guidance), which can be controlled by single link or by computer. The height of the shelf is generally not more than 8 meters. The system only needs 1-2 channels, and the space utilization rate is very high. The goods are transported and stored by forklift, and the passage is usually about 3 meters. According to the shelfLoad bearing can be divided into three types of mobile shelves: light, medium and heavy. Light and medium-sized mobile shelves are generally moved by hand. General heavy-duty mobile shelves are electrically controlled. Motor and reducer are installed in the base to facilitate movement.

Characteristics of mobile shelf products: mainly used in places where the warehouse space is not large and the space is required to be used in a large limit, suitable for machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industries. It is also suitable for warehouses with many kinds of inventory, but low frequency of in and out, or warehouses with high frequency of inventory, but can be 8 seater golf cart in and out in the order of roadway. Generally, only one operation channel is needed, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of warehouse area, so it is widely used in media, library, finance, food and other industries.

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cantilever shelf is composed of cantilever installed on the column. The cantilever shelf can be fixed and the cantilever shelf can also be mobile.

Product features

cantilever shelf is suitable for storing long materials, annular materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. It can be single-sided or double-sided, with stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization. The column mostly adopts H-shaped steel or cold-rolled steel, square tube, cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel, the cantilever and column click here adopt plug-in type or bolt connection type, the base and column adopt bolt connection type, and the base adopts cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel. Cargo access is carried out by forklift, crane or manual. The height is usually less than 2.5m (up to 6m for forklift access), and the cantilever length is less than 1.5m,The load of each arm is usually within 1000kg.

Such shelves are mostly used in machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarket. After adding shelf, it is especially suitable for the warehouse with small space and low height, convenient management, wide field of vision and cantilever shelf. Compared with the ordinary shelf shelf, it has higher utilization ratio. According to the bearing capacity, it can be divided into three types: light weight type, medium weight type and weight type. For the storage of bulky, scattered or other special products, cantilever shelf is an ideal solution. Cantilever shelf can be divided into single arm and double arm, and it can store wood, pipe, strip and other similar products efficiently.

production process

the base of cantilever shelf can be made of H-shaped steel or special profile. The H-beam is selected according to the requirements of bearing capacity and the national standard steel is selected accordingly. The bolt connection hole with the column shall be opened on the top of the H-shaped steel to facilitate the connection with the column. The lower side of the cantilever shelf is welded to connect the bottom plate, and the expansion bolt hole is opened on the bottom plate of the cantilever shelf, so as to connect the shelf with the ground with the expansion bolt and fix the shelf.

Select special profile as base, weld two pieces of C-shaped steel back-to-back with connecting steel plate, and the width of connecting steel plate is the width of column. After two pieces of C-shaped steel are welded, the connecting bolt holes shall be opened at the position where the column is connected to facilitate the connection with the column. The bottom plate shall be welded at the same time to facilitate the connection between expansion bolt and ground.

Two pieces of C-shaped steel are used to butt weld the column together. C-section steel is made of Q235 high-quality strip steel, which is rolled into C-section steel by rolling line, and then punched in automatic punchThe distance between the rack holes is 140mm. A connecting steel plate will be welded under the column if it is connected with H-shaped steel. If the connection with special profile is adopted, the bolt connection hole will be opened at the connection part under the column.

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stainless steel shelf is a kind of medium-sized shelf, its advantages and characteristics are as follows:

< 1. Good material: 304 stainless steel material is used, corrosion resistance meets the relevant national experimental health standards, widely used in warehouses, hospitals, supermarkets, laboratories, home use

2. Stability: the column and the steel laminate are connected and fixed by snap pin and triangular fixing piece. With p-beam, the layer's firmness can be increased to prevent the beam from deformation due to insufficient stress. It can be locked by itself depending on the weight of the goods, and the bearing weight is greatly increased. The main and auxiliary shelves can be used together, and the shelves can be connected in a row, which can increase its stability.

3. Flexibility: the structure of assembly type is adopted, the assembly and disassembly are simple and flexible, and the floor height can be adjusted at will. It can replace the traditional shelf which is welded with angle steel and covered with wood laminate.

4. Aesthetics: 304 stainless steel, with bright and beautiful color, non oxidation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high low temperature strength, easy to clean and other advantages.

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4S store shelf features:

< 1. The shelf can be designed according to the structural shape of various auto parts, such as the tire rack, the windshield glass rack and the exhaust pipe rackEtc., with strong professionalism.

2. Most of them adopt the form of attic shelf, which has more kinds and more complex structure compared with general attic shelf.

3. A few of them are in the form of medium-sized shelves, and most of them are used under the condition of limited warehouse height of 4S stores or the requirements of shelf design standards. The type of shelves is the same as the loft type.

4. According to the CI mark of each automobile manufacturer, the corresponding color can be configured during the surface treatment of the shelf.

Product structure form: one is medium shelf form, one is loft shelf form. Please refer to the exclusive page for the corresponding production process. We focus on the production process of non-standard shelves. For example, tire frame, glass frame, hanger frame and shock absorber frame

1. Tire frame and rim frame: take out the laminate of medium-sized shelf, and put the tire and rim directly on the crossbeam.

2. Glass frame: Based on the medium-sized shelves, the round rubber tube with diameter of 25 is used as the glass support and partition in the shelves, and the rubber skin is laid on the shelves to prevent damage to the glass. The glass frame is generally made of two layers.

3. Hanging frame: generally two-layer hook and two-layer board design. The middle shelf standard is adopted for the laminate, and a 25 square tube base main beam is adopted for the hook. A 20 diameter circular tube is welded on the square tube as the hook.

4. Shock absorber frame: it is divided into horizontal shock absorber and vertical shock absorber. The horizontal shock absorber is a standard medium-sized shelf, and the vertical shock absorber is a two-layer plate with two layers of fixed mesh. The mesh spacing is 100 × 100.

5. Most of the 4S store shelves are medium-sized variations. Please contact the sales hotline for any unknown information.

Data to be provided for 4S store shelf quotation:

1. For attic shelf, please provide plan drawing.

2. If you need to design the plane drawings, the company promises to provide the customers with the design drawings free of charge.

3. According to the actual needs, design and production.

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mobile lifting platform is a special equipment for high-altitude operation. Shear fork mechanical structure, wide working platform with high bearing capacity and stability, so that the scope of high-altitude work is larger, and suitable for multiple people working at the same time. The lifting power is divided into 220V or 380V power supply, diesel engine, explosion-proof pump station and explosion-proof electrical appliances can be selected under special working conditions. Increase by 4-18m, with load of 300-800kg. It can move flexibly, operate conveniently and lift freely under different working conditions, and can complete forward, backward, steering, fast, slow walking and up and down movements, saving labor and labor. At present, it is an ideal aerial work equipment.

The fixed scissor type lifting platform is a special hydraulic lifting platform for vertical transportation of goods. The products are mainly used for the up and down transportation of goods between workshops, warehouses and floors, as well as the lifting of cars between floors of three-dimensional garage and underground garage. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti falling and overload safety protection devices; the operation buttons can be set on each floor and the working table of the lifting table to realize multi-point control; the productThe product has strong structure, large bearing capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance. It is an economic and practical low floor alternative elevator ideal cargo conveying equipment. The fixed lifting platform does not need to be equipped with cargo platform and steel frame. It can be lifted and loaded directly from the ground. The specially designed movable approach plate can be smoothly overlapped with the vehicle. Forklift and manual hydraulic forklift can carry out loading and unloading operation conveniently and stably. The torsion spring balance function of the approach plate makes the operation easy and free. After the operation, the platform is flat with the ground, and does not occupy the ground space and does not affect the passage.

guide rail type lifting platform

guide rail type lifting platform is a kind of non scissor type hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment. It is used for the cargo transmission between the two or three floors of industrial plants, restaurants and restaurants. The low height is 150-300 mm, so it is suitable for the workplaces where the pit can not be excavated. Moreover, it does not need the upper lifting point and has various forms (single column, Double column, four column). The equipment runs stably, operates simply and reliably, the goods are transmitted economically and conveniently. The product structure is firm, the bearing capacity is large, the lifting is stable, and the installation and maintenance is simple and convenient. It is an economic and practical ideal goods conveying equipment which can replace the elevator between low floors. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting platform, different optional configurations can be selected to achieve better use effect. This product is mainly used in chemical industry, high temperature, high pressure, power plant, nuclear industry base and other explosion-proof enterprises. Low failure rate: due to the use of advanced hydraulic system and good control mode, the failure rate of elevator operation can be at least: when the hydraulic elevator goes down, it depends on the self weightIt is driven by the generated pressure and can save energy greatly.

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according to the insertion mode and structure, the steel tray is generally divided into two-way insertion tray, four-way insertion tray, single-sided tray, double-sided tray and customized tray. The customized tray generally includes: Shuttle special tray, three-dimensional warehouse special tray, special-shaped tray, box type tray, etc No.

Features and applicability:

< 1. The structure is made of general steel, with large load rigidity and carrying capacity

< 2. The metal surface treatment can be spray molded and galvanized, with a bright appearance, resistant to friction, rust, fire, high temperature and corrosion

3. The service life cycle is super long, recyclable and recyclable High utilization rate

4. Light steel, easy to access, no special maintenance, and easy to repair.

5. The specifications and dimensions are freely customized according to the cargo size and load, and the design is flexible and not limited to the mold. The multi-range utilization is convenient and efficient

< 6. The rigidity is strong and stable, which can be stacked and stacked, which is safe and convenient to improve the space utilization

7. It is applicable to the export without fumigation. It is convenient to comply with the international regulations and import and export procedures

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