Liberty Attendance Center - Class of 1969

Class Reunion - Class of 1969 - Liberty, Mississippi

This safety door lock is still practical. Recently, the baby will open the door by himself. I feel more worried! But I had to find a way, so I bought this immediately! I also studied how to use it for a while after I got the hand, and I tried to keep it stable for more than 24 hours! In fact, it's very convenient to use. It can block the swing door lock set supplier door handle down. The baby can't open the door. But I'm a little worried that the adhesive force will not be able to Aluminum alloy Sliding window lock resist the increasingly strong wrist strength of the baby. At the beginning, when he opened the door, I was a little worried that he would be broken off by his strength. Fortunately, I tried and didn't open the door again. Then one thing is not particularly convenient, that is, after it is pasted on the door, the opening gap at the door handle is narrow, so when you open the door, you will be a little bit scratched! But for the safety of children, this small problem can be ignored. Good overall!

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