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Ningbo limitless swimming pool equipment mobile phone

Huzhou Weizhi water treatment Co., Ltd. is a professional water treatment equipment company in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. The company mainly serves small and medium-sized enterprises, providing professional services in the research and development, design, installation and sales of water treatment equipment. The company takes "quality first, integrity-based" as the core value, and hopes that through our professional level and unremitting efforts, we can manufacture water treatment equipment satisfactory to the enterprise, and provide effective scheme for the production and environment establishment of the enterprise.

The water quality treatment system of swimming pool follows the principle of dynamic balance, and achieves the thorough purification of water quality in the process of circulating treatment. The water from current swimming pool the swimming pool is collected by the upper overflow channel and collected to the balance pool. It enters the circulating water pipeline together with the make-up water. It flows through the hair collector under the drive of the circulating water pump and filters out the hair and large-size particles and debris; then it enters the flocculant automatic adding system, which controls the precise metering pump to accurately add the flocculant aluminum sulfate solution (10% al2) to the circulating water pipe( SO4) 3), which can make the colloidal micro substances in the circulating water condense into flocs with larger particles, and then enter the quartz sand filter for thorough filtration.

The company has set up a professional after-sales service team for installation, training, warranty, response to sudden failure and swimming pool sand filter suppliers return visit. Our principle is "fast, accurate and attitude", so as to solve equipment failure for customers faster.

Due to the deposition of fish excrement and bait,The deterioration of water quality makes the pool water turbid and unclear, affecting the viewing and endangering the health of fish. If a lot of water is changed too often, the temperature, acidolysis degree and dissolved oxygen are often changed, which will affect the reproduction and nitrification effect of favorable nitrifying bacteria; if the water quality and temperature are changed too much, the growth of fish will be affected and the health of fish will be endangered. Therefore, before fish culture, we must have a set of high-quality filtering system and filtering equipment, in order to save time and effort, and achieve "easy fish culture, leisurely view".

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