Liberty Attendance Center - Class of 1969

Class Reunion - Class of 1969 - Liberty, Mississippi

Longkou inorganic grindstone customized to increase efficiency

Datong inorganic millstone innovation terrazzo grinding stone supplier service

three terrazzo floors The first advantage is the color, the brightness is very high, and the previous introduction of terrazzo brightness is very high, for some places with high requirements, if you still need more brightness, you can continue to wax or crystallize. Some customers need to worry about whether the anti-static ability will be affected. Here is a definite answer. It will not affect the antistatic composite stone manufacturers performance. And terrazzo floor is very wear-resistant, play a wax, or do not wax, its brightness can alsoFor a long time. In addition, some customers are worried that there will be gaps between each terrazzo during installation, which will affect the beauty. In fact, the terrazzo is horizontal and vertical to ensure that there is no gap, which will not affect the overall aesthetics. In addition, the surface of terrazzo floor can be designed with patterns or colors, which can meet the needs of some customers. In addition, the building performance and mechanical performance are the same as the high-quality terrazzo floor used in various buildings, in line with the requirements of national standard GB 50209-2002 and the standard requirements of jc507-1993 building terrazzo products.

4. When paving the terrazzo precast slab, the four corners should fall down in parallel with the mortar, and pay attention to handle it gently to prevent the edges and corners of the terrazzo precast slab from damaging the flatness of the bonding layer. In the place with columns, the straight line between columns should be paved first, and then paved to both sides. 5. After paving terrazzo precast slab, it is necessary to tap the board surface with a wooden hammer to make it firmly bonded, the surface is flat, and the joints are aligned, and the leveling ruler is used to check whether it is even. After a row of paving is completed, the through line should be drawn to check whether it is vertical. If there is any problem, it can be adjusted in time.

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