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How to maintain the ground swimming pool Maintenance guide for filter

with the improvement of modern life quality, people prefer swimming in the swimming pool for fitness, so the water quality of swimming pool has become a very concerned problem in people's life. If you want to achieve the water quality in the swimming pool, it is closely related to the current swimming pool filter of the swimming pool. The following small make-up will give everyone under the filter fault how to eliminate.

Guide for the maintenance of the filter of the ground swimming pool

Step 1:

the power line of the filter pump is inserted into a suitable socket, if the pump will not be able to run. Some pumps require three wire socket ground fault circuit breaker protection. If your problem is not resolved, check the circuit breaker and reset if necessary.

Step 2:

empty the air intake hose into your pool to remove any clogs if the filter will not pump or flow slower.

Step 3:

tighten the hose for safety, if the filter does not pump water correctly or the hose starts to leak. Check the hoses and repair or replace them if they are damaged.

Step 4:

remove the filter pump cover and check whether the O-ring has been installed. Water leakage from the surrounding top cover sometimes leads to the lack of O-rings.

Step 5:

replace the filter element if it is dirty or has any damage, such as holes. The filter is usually located in the middle below the inner pump cover. It should be pulled out and replaced.

Step 6:

the operation time of the filter pump is longer, if the filter does not appear Steel Swimming Pool the cleaning pool. Clean any debris collected by the filter on the wall of the tank. Test the pH and chlorine content of the pool water; the pool dealer can tell you how to test your water, and how to apply for chemicals, as appropriateBecause it varies by region and product

after reading, readers already know how to repair the filter of the ground swimming pool. We should repair the filter regularly at home, so as to maintain the water quality of the ground swimming pool at any time, so that we can take a bath safely and comfortably.

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