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Dongcheng foundry silicon sand bathtub sauna quartz

Dongcheng foundry silicon sand bathtub sauna quartz sand water treatment quartz sand manufacturer price

quartz sand filter material applicable scope

(1) it is used for industrial water, domestic water and municipal water supply system which requires the effluent turbidity ≤ 5mg / L to meet the drinking water quality standard;

(2) removal of suspended matter and solid matter in industrial sewage;

(3) it can be used as pretreatment equipment in China pedestal basin factory ion-exchange softening and desalination system, and coarse filtration equipment for industrial water supply with low water quality requirements;

(4) it is used in swimming pool circulating treatment system, cooling circulating water purification system, etc.

Technical requirements for quartz sand:

(1) the sum of mechanical strength, crushing rate and wear rate shall not be greater than 1.5% (percentage by weight).

(2) the chemical property is stable, free of visible soil, mica and organic impurities, and the water extract of the filter material does not contain toxic and harmful substances.

(3) the density of quartz sand shall not be less than 2.55g/cm3. (unless there are special requirements for density in use).

(4) the burning weight loss of quartz sand filter material shall not be artificial stone tub factory greater than 0.7%, and the solubility of hydrochloric acid shall not be greater than 1.5% (ministerial standard).

(5) the content of mud shall not be more than 1%, and the content of light substance with density less than 2G / cm3 shall not be more than 0.2% (ministerial standard)Accurate).

(6) the grain size grading is reasonable, and the appearance of the crystal is multi angular, monologue and glossy. The particle size range of single-layer or double-layer filter material is generally 0.5-1.2mm. The particle size range of three-layer filter material is generally 0.5-0.8mm.

the price of quartz sand water treatment factory in Dongcheng casting silicon sand bathtub

the glossy surface of quartz sand is processed by more than 30 random polishing processes, which will not be scratched by knife and shovel, and will not be soaked by liquid substances, No problems such as yellowing and discoloration will occur. Ordinary cleaning only needs to be washed with water, which is simple and easy. Even through long-term application, its surface is the same bright as the newly installed table without protection and protection.

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